Imagery in poetry

Today’s activities continue our exploration of poetry, focusing on imagery in poetry. The related readings are Stephen Kuusisto’s essay “Digressions on Poetry, Prose, and a Lingonberry Bush” and his poems “At Winter Solstice: Iowa City” and “Talking Books.” 1. Watch the Writing Groups announcement video. While graded group work will not be an assigned component … Read more

Differentiate between normal body functioning and underlying pathophysiology for the diseases for which pharmacological interventions are indicated.

*This is on the drug Digoxin* Purpose: The purpose of this research paper is to identify a pathology and the pharmacological agents used to treat it. This paper will assess your ability to interpret and examine scientific information (GEC 6) and critically analyze (GEC 3) content throughout this course as well as through additional research … Read more

How does the vulnerability of immigrants in an environment of limited healthcare access and occupational hazards impact their overall health issues?

Look at files for more instructions. 1147384 7 hours ago The digital story will focus on a population (or culture) and a vulnerability. Note that this assignment is not about developing cultural competence. You will tell their story of how the vulnerability affects this population’s health. The PICO question or topic is “How does the … Read more

Would it be better for a system to show off a poorly designed user interface or invest in user interface development tools

At times, we cannot find multiple talents in a single development group. Assume that you are working with a team of three developers with poor design skills. Would it be better for a system to show off a poorly designed user interface or invest in user interface development tools and consulting even though that may … Read more

What role does an informed public play in a democratic society?

Carefully review the study conducted on diversity in the entertainment media; the report can be found at Links to an external site. What are some general conclusions we can make from the data presented here? How does it shape cultural themes regarding gender, race, and sexuality? How do the images presented onscreen influence what … Read more


For this assignment, provide a brief (2-3 pages) Topic: A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM In CALL CENTERS description of background relating to a particular research problem (or need). An actual problem should be indicated with accompanying evidence. The paper should be organized based on the headings below. To develop the Statement of the The problem … Read more

Is the entire Barrett family experiencing mental deterioration or is it just Marjorie who is ill?

For this essay, you will be ANALYZING A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES IN THIS EXAM/ESSAY. YOU MAY ONLY USE THE BOOK ITSELF. Your completed essay of 1,000 words MINIMUM must contain: an introduction, a thesis statement, textual support (direct quotes), and a conclusion. Remember: an academic … Read more

Highlighting the moral and ethical codes of the specific construction organization.

Component 2: 2000 words Report Overview of task: You are required to submit a 2000-word report on a company of your choice, highlighting the moral and ethical codes of the specific construction organisation. The report should include information relating to corporate governance and corporate social responsibility strategies. In addition, you will review how professional practice … Read more

What is knowledge?

– Touchstone 1: Philosophical Reflection Essay ASSIGNMENT: Write a 3-4 page (approximately 700-1000 words) reflection essay about the impact of the philosophical mindset and ancient Greek philosophy, as presented in this course, on your own views. In order to foster learning and growth, all essays you submit must be newly written specifically for this course. … Read more

Describe how social responsibility and public interest intersect.

You will assume the role of a public administrator to complete this assignment. Choose an administrator role; some examples are below: Police Chief Finance Officer Urban Planner City Manager FBI Director As the public administrator, in the role you choose, in 750-1,000 words do the following: Describe how social responsibility and public interest intersect. Analyze … Read more

Parole and Probation

LITERATURE REVIEW 5-7 pages – Discuss scholarly articles, books and other sources (e.g. dissertations, conference proceedings) relevant to your particular issue, policy, or program, providing a description, summary, and critical evaluation of each work. The purpose is to offer an overview of significant literature published on your topic. My Topic is Parole and Probation

Micro aggressions in the school system

Issues like micro and macro aggression have caused harm to generations of learners. Have you experienced or witnessed micro aggressions in the school system? Make a case for equity literacy in your school. Who would be an allies in this endeavor? Who might present challenges to an initiate of this nature? See link: Chimamanda, A. … Read more

Describe your experiences in reducing your ecological footprint.

Ecological Footprint Report Due: 11:59PM, Tuesday, June 6th, 2023. Describe your experiences in reducing your ecological footprint. Identify your three target behaviors and describe your weekly and overall progress on each target behavior, with an emphasis on progress made since your mid-term report. Make an explicit connection between your ecological footprint reduction experiment and at … Read more

Is there a preferred Ice cream flavor in a sample of 60 participants?

Research question to answer: Is there a preferred Ice cream flavor in a sample of 60 participants? Instructions: A. Ask 60 participants of a convenient sample which ice cream flavor they prefer: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry (record the answers in a table). you can make up the results as random. Perform chi-square test for goodness … Read more

The Revolutionary Potential of CRISPR

Title: The Revolutionary Potential of CRISPR: An Assignment Word Count: 1500 words Introduction: The discovery and development of CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) has revolutionized the field of genetic engineering, providing scientists with a powerful tool to manipulate DNA with unprecedented precision. This assignment aims to explore the fundamental principles of CRISPR, its … Read more

Create a non profit naloxone mailing program in Nevada.

I would like to create a non profit naloxone mailing program in Nevada. “If you are a person who uses drugs or someone who is in the community with people who use drugs and cannot access naloxone any other way, we are designed to support you.” Now that you have a clear understanding of … Read more

Why would a funder mandate the use of an existing evidence-based practice?

Think of yourself as an administrator of a nonprofit and respond to the following prompts: Why would a funder mandate the use of an existing evidence-based practice? Identify possible ethical dilemmas that may arise when trying to decide whether to choose an existing program or develop a new one (such as cultural considerations, cost, feasibility, … Read more

Organizational strategy for expanding company operations

Choose somewhere you would want to go. Think about the information you would want or need if your job was to be shifted to another country. Scenario The company you work for recently acquired several international locations. You were informed that multiple positions will be moving overseas over the course of the next few years. … Read more

Role of a managerial accountant in supporting the executive managers of this multinational company

Visit the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s website and search for a public multinational company that operates and sells its products or services around the world. Locate and read a company’s financial statements, the notes to the financial statements, and the recent annual filing with the SEC – Form 10-K. Write a paper to … Read more

Analyzing cross-cultural research

Exam Content You just started working at a think tank that produces cultural research for local, state, and national governments. Your first assignment is to write about cross-cultural research. Your research will help develop community initiatives to support increased diversity and inclusion in communities. Select 1 of the cross-cultural research articles located in the University … Read more

Why is violence a part of many revolutions?

For this week, you will watch The Battle of Algiers. The Battle of Algiers contributed to the symbolic importance of the FLN and the Algerian War of Independence to Third World revolutionary and de-colonization struggles around the globe. While you are reading and watching, think about the following discussion question. It will then become the … Read more

Compare fixed-price contracts and cost-reimbursement contracts in terms of the benefits and drawbacks

Week 10 Assignment – Evaluating Contracts Overview Aerospace Drones has completed its first contract with Department of Defense (DoD) on time and under budget. Company expansion has increased production capacity. R&D continues to set industry standards for camera stabilization systems. You have now learned that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate … Read more

Learner rights and teacher responsibilities as set forth in a law

Exam Content As an educator, you will be tasked with understanding and implementing the laws related to the education of students. These laws and policies are in place to create spaces for advocating for student learning rights and learning. In this assignment, explore local laws, policies, and programs to see what types of interventions are … Read more

A visual executive summary

Instructions: Your assignment this week is to complete a visual executive summary by completing a PowerPoint. Your PowerPoint should be 10 pages and no more than 20. State your role (consultant), briefly discuss the problem, your research, and state your recommendation to the client. Remember to follow the PowerPoint Guidelines. A portion of the grade … Read more

Who doesn’t like Giant Pandas?

Instructions for research paper summary Nie et al., 2015 The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with experience in reading and making sense of peer-reviewed scientific literature on animal nutrition. In the classroom, we can become so accustomed to trying to memorize and understand concepts in a relatively short period of time, sometimes … Read more

Critically analyze why the success of a project ultimately depends on the ethics and conduct of the project manager.

Throughout this course, you have been working with a hypothetical project for the Lucky Me Animal Rescue’s annual adoption event. You have focused on the specific phases, tasks, and processes of project management. In this unit, we have reinforced that ethical standards and professional conduct are critical throughout each step of the project. For this … Read more

How were the gender dynamics amongst the workers?

Think about your current or previous workplace(s). How were the gender dynamics amongst the workers? Did you witness any unfair or discriminatory treatment? What about company policies? Did they promote gender equity? Explain your answers with specific examples but please keep names of companies, workplaces, and co-workers private. In response to your peers: How do … Read more

A significant concern for auditors as it relates to auditing long-term liabilities is accounts requiring management estimates due to the possibility of management bias.

A significant concern for auditors as it relates to auditing long-term liabilities is accounts requiring management estimates due to the possibility of management bias. Research and summarize ISA540 and AU-C 540. For each standard, identify the indicators of possible management bias. Discuss whether the presence of an indicator of management bias means there is a … Read more

Effective approaches, characteristics, and examples to pastoral care in current churches addressing twenty-first century crisis and trauma issues

Crisis and Trauma Research Paper Instructions (Due in Module 7) Instructions: The paper will be 20 pages in length. The written work will be evaluated by Turabian writing standards. The paper shall include an introduction of the subject matter, pertinent research and application to the ministry of crisis/trauma intervention. Each student will choose from one … Read more

Why you believe the turning point is in fact a significant moment in U.S. History

My paper is one the American Revolution • Why you believe the turning point is in fact a significant moment in U.S. History. • Describe the causes and events that led to the turning point. • Analyze how the turning point changed the course of history in the United States. • Evaluate the impact of … Read more

Planning process in the firm you are currently working on

In the hospitality industry is of utmost importance to plan. Please, prepare a two-page document explaining the planning process in the firm you are currently working on (KPMG). Compare and contrast different strategieies with the ones that your organization has used. What are your thoughts on that comparison? Do you think that your organization is … Read more

Eastern Hero Compared to the Western Here Archetype

Module 3 Discussion Research Essay Forum Specific Eastern Hero Compared to the Western Hero Archetype Post a new thread research essay (directly into this Discussion Forum and NOT an attachment) with a minimum of 500 words that includes the following information. Please label your answers in A- format. A. Identify a specific Eastern Hero that … Read more

Colonialism in the country of Antigua

Jamaica Kincaid • Kincaid’s “Girl” serves as a demonstrative indictment, if you will, regarding the stifling effects of Colonization or Colonialism in the country of Antigua. • In at least 150 words, share your opinions regarding this “mother/daughter conversation” • To help guide your discussion consider this question: Do such conversations still take place? Why … Read more

Principles of classical conditioning

Discuss basic principles of classical conditioning, including extinction and recovery, higher-order conditioning, and stimulus generalization and discrimination. Discussion Post 400 words (minimum, excluding references) APA or MLA Formatting 12 point font Times New Roman References/Citations required (1 minimum) Please use the book and or maybe real life scenario. Invitation to Psychology 8th Edition Carole Wade, … Read more

Major historical circumstances and societal developments contributed to the need for a correctional system. 

Submit a 1,100 to 1,250-word paper in which you address the following: Explain how major historical circumstances and societal developments contributed to the need for a correctional system. (250–300 words) Identify three major historical reform movements in the correctional system. Then describe the reasoning behind each reform movement. Finally, explain the degree to which each … Read more

State intended product or position for Advertisement

Part I: Advertisement The advertisement will include the following: State intended product or position (what are you selling). 30 seconds long (audio). Does not need to have any visual elements (for audio). Use at least 2 logical fallacies intended on manipulating the audience (minimum). Possible Formats: Audio (radio advertisement) or video (visual media advertisement). Part … Read more

Difference between multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary.

For this assignment, social media is on trial. Its continued existence is to be determined based on your multidisciplinary argument. (Remember the difference between multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary.) Drawing from a minimum of five of the seven readings for this week, state a very clear, strong position. (For this assignment, you are either for or … Read more

Determine how sustained wind speed in a hurricane is related to the surface pressure of the storm.

Project – Intensity of Hurricanes Topics: Regression and correlation We wish to determine how sustained wind speed in a hurricane is related to the surface pressure of the storm. The goal of this project is to consider the relationship between wind speed and pressure within a hurricane and, to develop a model that describes this … Read more

Objective for a food processing system

Develop an objective for a food processing system related to one the course topics explored this quarter. For example, this could involve identifying maximum elevation for a pump’s discharge that maintains a desired flow rate for the pump, identifying the maximum inlet temperature for a heat exchanger that ensure that the outlet temperature does not … Read more

Discuss the importance of positive intervention strategies particular to children in a Birth to Pre-K setting

It is important to use positive intervention strategies with challenging behavior for children. These interventions should be positive and proactive and not all should be reactive and consequence-based. Children at a young age both with exceptionalities and without need to be taught routine and recognition of their behaviors. In a 500-750 word research-based essay, discuss … Read more

What changes would you suggest to improve the response of the American Red Cross in order to more effectively serve the needs of displaced residents?

This assignment asks you to analyze the response of an agency to the needs of residents of a target community (New Orleans) rather than to an individual. Like any agency providing services that meet human needs, the ARC has a formal mission statement and uses the same core tasks of case management, linking to the … Read more

Explaining the basic history of project management and why it is important to study.

Preparing Training Stack Notes For The Austin Project PM Managers. The purpose of this first assignment will be for you to articulate a white paper outline to be delivered to the Three Shields consulting team. Remember, Three Shields still maintains direct responsibility for delivering consulting services to the clients associated with The Austin Project. Your … Read more

Historic elements of project management

DETAILS: Consultant Notes: Reflecting on the traditions of project management As you prepare to provide the training elements that will be utilized by Three Shields in working with The Austin Project, you have decided to take some time and reflect comprehensively on some of the existing traditions of project management. On your note pad, you … Read more

Impact of being quarantined with family for a year

The Covid-19 pandemic will continue to affect many aspects of our lives for years to come. The purpose of this paper is to pick one area and look at it from a developmental psychology point of view. You will need to use concepts and theories we have been covering this semester. I understand we are … Read more

Explain the existing supply chain components.

In your assignment, include the following: Explain the existing supply chain components. Support your description using at least one source. Explain how the company’s supply chain strategy supports it’s organizational strategy. Describe the company’s business model. Explain how the supply chain strategy supports the organization. Support your explanation using at least one source. Assess how … Read more

Risks associated with parents’ overuse of mobile devices and social media

Scenario You have been asked to participate in a conference on 21st-century parenting at a local hospital, where you will discuss results of your research. You have selected “Dangers of Distracted Parenting” for your topic. In preparation for your presentation, you will conduct research to explore various risks associated with parents’ overuse of mobile devices … Read more

Analyzing the ad

Over the past several weeks, we have explored various topics through a functionalist, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionist lens. For this assignment, find an advertisement (it can be an internet ad, TV commercial, magazine, ad, etc.). In a 1-2 page paper, describe and analyze the ad based on all three perspectives. Finally, explain which perspective … Read more

Harassment in the work place

Assignment Content Harassment in the work place Bullying and Corporate Psychopaths at Work: Clive Boddy at TEDxHanzeUniversity Workplace Harassment Training Using the two videos above, write a one-page paper on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of harassment in the workplace. Provide your suggestion and thoughts, as well as, incorporating your own experiences whether direct … Read more

public policy change

Assignment Content You will research your instructor-approved policy topic. You will utilize your research to determine a public policy change or new policy. You should have received instructor approval for your policy topic in Week 1. If you have not received approval yet, please contact your instructor. Additionally, if after researching your topic, you would … Read more

Different groups of malignant cells and present possible lifestyle contributors to the cellular changes.

Cancer is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. Cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells Four main groups of malignant growths: − Carcinomas – cancers of the epithelial tissue − Sarcomas – … Read more

Incorporating a virtual teams into a medium size corporation

Write white paper report that speaks about incorporating a virtual teams into a medium size corporation, the paper is divided into two sections, the report itself which is about 2-3 pages and an executive summary about the report itself 1-2 pages long. Word count is 2000 words in total for both parts. In summary, this … Read more

Define and connect Grounds and Warrants to Cultural Resources in successfully defining a popular Social Problem

(8 points) In 300 words or more, define and connect Grounds and Warrants to Cultural Resources in successfully defining a popular Social Problem. What, in your opinion, are the most effective grounds for the most popular cultural resources around? Offer an example of a current social problem, highlighting the grounds and warrants presented and cultural … Read more

Describing play therapy to the guardian of a child

Using two resources, asnwer the following: Imagine that you are describing play therapy to the guardian of a child/client/student. Using much of your own words, explain what play therapy is, the main components of the theory and approach (include the “4 healing messages”), and why it is developmentally appropriate. (Write 6–12 sentences) Imagine it is … Read more

A blog post about one important decision you make on a daily basis.

Description: We make countless decisions every day, large and small, and when we make these decisions we use a critical thinking process. Please write a well thought-out blog post and consider the following: Write out a blog post about one important decision you make on a daily basis. When making your decision, are you considering … Read more

Define migrant remittances.

Use book and any other reputable source! Global Migration By: Mavroudi ISBN: 978-0-415-68387-6 Define migrant remittances. How can remittances help explain the role of small financial transfers in the world economy as well as the significance of migrant labor on the sending society and the economy? What about on the receiving society and its economy? … Read more

Health issue of financial impact of racial and ethnic health disparities in Connecticut and poor health coverage.

Research Paper Outline Research: Concentrate on the health issue of financial impact of racial and ethnic health disparities in Connecticut and poor health coverage. In Connecticut, there has been evidence that there have been higher hospital charges depending on your race and ethnicity. There is also a difficulty in specific races and ethnicities to have … Read more

A health problem in primary care nurse practitioner practice.

Choose a health problem that you may commonly see in primary care nurse practitioner practice. Describe the health problem and recommended medical management for it. Research published clinical practice guidelines and evaluate the practice guideline you have selected based on the components listed in the Clinical Practice Guideline Template below. Clinical Practice Guideline Prompts: HEALTHCARE … Read more

Kanopy film “T’Ain’t Nobody’s Buziness”

After you have watched the Kanopy film “T’Ain’t Nobody’s Buziness”, create a Powerpoint/Slide show that describes the hardships and issues for queer singers in the early 20th century. You will need to takes notes during the film to learn the names of many of the singers (there was more than just Ma Rainey). After you … Read more

What forces are likely to have the greatest influence on Western Union’s business in the future?

nswer the questions found at the end of the case in Chapter 9, Going Down to the Wire in the Money-Transfer Market. Support your answer with at least one credible, recent source in addition to the course textbook. Your initial response should be 200 to 300 words. Case: Going Down to the Wire in the … Read more

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave describes the situation of prisoners, chained to the wall of a cave, who experience the world via the shadows reflected on the opposite wall of the cave. The 21st century, financial reports and other documents serve as those reflected shadows. How do we use those to assess the ethics of … Read more

Explain why Earned Value Analysis (EVA) is useful to the project team and management, and explain in what ways it is problematic on other projects.

Earned Value Analysis (EVA) has been used effectively on some projects and has been difficult to use on other projects. Explain why EVA is useful to the project team and management, and explain in what ways it is problematic on other projects. You must give examples of projects from your experience or research on both … Read more

CW Mills’s concept of sociological imagination

Applying the Sociological Imagination Essay The purpose of this essay is to apply CW Mills’s Sociological Imagination concept to explain a personal situation. The essay will demonstrate the student’s ability to use sociological concepts & theories learned in the course to describe a personal situation. The topic is left to the student’s discretion. The Essay … Read more

What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis?

read article and post your initial response to the question, “What roles do religions play in Appiah’s analysis? How is your approach similar to or different from his?” Be sure to respond to at least three of your classmates’ posts and explain how you agree/disagree with them. Each response should be at least 100 words … Read more

Effects of Chronic diseases on the organ system’s anatomy and physiology.

an analysis of the available data on organ system disease. You will explore the available scientific research and create a short presentation. This presentation should connect with your presentation from Milestone One I did not complete it correctly I focused on the heart!! and your final presentation. will submit an outline of your plans for … Read more

Capabilities and flexibilities which benefit project managers

Project management software, such as MS Project, adds much capabilities and flexibilities which greatly benefit project managers, not only during the planning phase, but also as they monitor and control the progress in the execution phase. Please take the time to explore some of MS Project features and capabilities. A few points to guide you … Read more

How the government is paid for.

Hi Everyone! This week we read about how the government is paid for. From the public administrator’s view, this is the source of revenue. We learned that upon examining the Ferguson MO budget, it was possible for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to determine that the priority of collecting revenue placed an excessive burden upon … Read more

How policy is developed and how nurses can participate in this process.

nclude the following items in your paper: Title page (see the example on the assignment page) Headings per APA (All headings are in bold print) Heading #1: centered). Your first paragraph following heading #1 should include your introduction with a clearly written purpose statement. Heading #2: This paragraph should introduce how policy is developed and … Read more

Influence health policy through the editorial process

Editorial: The purpose of this assignment is to influence health policy through the editorial process. One written editorial is to be composed to any publication (local, state, or national) expressing the student’s views and opinions on a public health issue relevant to public policy. Choose a public health issue of interest to you and write … Read more

Evaluate the use of a single-subject design

Hi everyone, For this assignment, introduce the issue under investigation-review (topic of interest) using a single-subject design model for research. You can apply a professional and or career issue-problem to the assignment. Evaluate the use of a single-subject design and offer an in depth analysis of the benefits for using the single-subject design. Provide justification … Read more