Nursing Philosophy

1. what is your current philosophy of nursing? include your values and beliefs. Has nursing philosophy changed in any way since the beginning of the nursing program? if so why, using examples from experience 2. what is your professional nursing leadership philosophy? how does your nursing philosophy relate to professional nursing leadership? 3. identify someone … Read more

Global crisis of Internal Displacements

prompt: Describe and discuss four major challenges internally displaced people face A general guide to writing a reaction/class participation paper: -You must read the material, watch the lecture and documentaries and note down the main points before you start writing your reaction paper/class participation paper. -The context: provide a background information about the theme/topic. -Thesis … Read more

Research experience program (REP) assignment

** Please note I’ve attached 2 exemplars – please use 1 study from each of the exemplars to base the assignment off. they have all the information you need to complete the assignment** For this assignment, you will complete five credits worth of research through the Research experience program (REP). You will select two of … Read more

Research Paper Outline / Final Paper / Presentation

Please read closely as this request will need to be bid as a compilation of items. I have attached multiple documents to guide your bid. I have attached all the Item rubrics and instructions, the topic proposal, and the reason for the research. The Paper should follow an APA format with the flow being an … Read more

Why does the number of sexual assaults continue to increase throughout Army? Alsoand making recommendations on how all leaders at all levels can implement potential solutio

Introduction (1-2 paragraphs) A. Opening statement B. Background information C. Purpose statement II. Body (2-4 paragraphs) A. (Point A) Why does sexual assault occur? Include supporting evidence. B. (Point B) Does our current approach to training reduce (or not reduce) the risk of sexual assault and harassment? (Could be tied to point A) C. (Point … Read more

Gambling and Behavioural Science

The topic is: Gambling and Behaviour Science Focus on: 1. What is Gambling? 2. What is the behaviour pattern of Gambling? 3. How can ABA be incorporated into Gambling? References to use: 1. Dickerson, M. G., & Weeks, D. (1979). Controlled gambling as a therapeutic technique for compulsive gamblers. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental … Read more

Sustainable Businesses and Leaders

the two triple bottom line companies (JPM and HSBC) the Bottom line management Key Corp(Bank) In Module Six, you will analyze the following factors used by JPM & HSBC two triple-bottom-line companies to identify best practices that KEY CORP(BANK) bottom-line management company should adopt to successfully transition to a triple-bottom-line approach. Recommendations Create corporate strategy … Read more


… QuaniHart 10 minutes ago Please do not accept this assignment if you cannot write on a Doctoral level or have completed a Dissertation. Unacceptable work will be asked to be revised. A plagiarism check will be completed. Please, no filler or repeat words. You must complete the assignment as detailed in the attached document

The Incredibles Review

What is the overall theme of the movie? Summary of movie and details to support reviewer’s opinion How does the movie address aging? Are there any specific gender related themes in relation to aging? Are there any specific themes/moments that are personally relevant to you? What does this movie teach you about aging? Some other … Read more

Mental health as a social issue

Introduction: The introduction explains the purpose of the writing. Typically, the introduction of an essay includes the thesis or purpose statement. A thesis or purpose statement includes the topic plus the reason for writing about the topic. Background: In this section of the paper, you should present a description of the case study and the … Read more

3 thing a learn from virtual school

The paper call Analytical Essay Rough draft is to help you go through and dont get confused Basically what you have to do is use a quote per article and plug it in there are 3 quotes in total, it can’t be from the same article but to make it for easy i will send … Read more

Discussion question

Understand the role of the Federal Trade Commission by visiting (Links to an external site.). Pick an issue that the FTC helps with and link it directly to a law that has been passed. How would you help someone understand the role that the FTC has in protecting the consumer? include a citation from … Read more

Comparing Theoretical Best Practices to Actual Practices

In 1,250-1,500 words, do the following: Describe some of the theoretical best practices for restorative justice, crime prevention, and corrections. Explain how the theoretical best practices are, and are not, manifested in current correctional settings in the United States. Explain different ways to improve rehabilitative services to make them more readily utilized within the criminal … Read more

Transportation Management in Aviation

Research Paper Purpose Write a formal report in the form of a literature review on a specific topic guided by a concrete research question related to logistics issues within the aviation and aerospace industries. Your paper will be a review of current research literature – articles published within the past six years – about how … Read more


Is the increasing globalization of business good or bad for the United States? If you are from a different country, what effect do you think globalization is having or will have on your country? Is globalization resulting in unequal gains for different countries? Which element(s) in a country’s institutional environment do you feel is the … Read more

History of American Slavery

Using the reading provided give a concise description of what the reading is about and/ or the authors perpective. Must include at least one quotation or direct reference to the reading. Needs to be 100-200 words long.

whether or not colleges are worth the price of admission.

For Argumentative writing, you must take a specific position on a subject and persuade your audience that your position is valid. For this assignment, you will write a 1000 word essay arguing your position on whether or not colleges are worth the price of admission. Keep in mind that, “the price” may not necessarily be … Read more

Philosophy: Human Nature and Evolutionary Psychology

Please answer exactly two of the following questions. Your answer for each must not exceed 250 words. No bibliographic information is needed. Each answer is worth 5 marks. Marks will be deducted if you answer more than two. 1. What is Hull’s argument against the claim that there is an intrinsic characteristic of human beings … Read more

reflection critically engaging with the key concepts and ideas

source depend on the work McGuil citation Students will be expected to demonstrate they have read and understood the assigned materials by engaging with the key ideas/concepts (not simply summarize the articles) from the assigned reading materials for the given week. questions to keep in mind: What did you learn about the topic being discussed? … Read more

Organization Analysis & Strategic Recommendations

SCENARIO: Select an organization you are familiar with or have worked for (currently or in the past). You are tasked with analyzing the organization both internally and externally using some of the tools and frameworks you have learned in this course. You are also tasked with recommending changes to the organization’s strategy and structure, in … Read more

Segment of Social Work Research Paper – Will require research of peer reviewed articles and statistics -NO Ai written papers

For this assignment, you will be writing a segment of the beginning of this research paper for Social Work. Attached is an example of a previous completed assignment. The title of this assignment is “factors that contribute to a students’ life satisfaction”. You will be writing the “Background of the Problem” with 2 sources. Life … Read more

Social Advocacy and Justice

The purpose of this research paper is two-fold, it is designed for students to closely examine, and address issues related to social justice, advocacy, and its relationship to social work/social service work. Additionally, this research paper will enable students to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of academic writing, research, and appropriate use of the literature. … Read more

Conflict Identification and Resolution

We live in a very complex and culturally diverse society. When we bring individuals together from diverse backgrounds in a work environment conflict can arise when expectations are not realized or met. Rather than hoping conflict will go away, this paper will explore and identify the reasons for conflict and how to successfully address them … Read more

‘An Acceptance of autocracy led to Hitler’s assumption of power’ to what extent do you agree with this view in the context of Germany 1848-1934

have clear concise language making my point clear with specific evidence and evaluation. have a clear flow of argument linking to the question. my 3 factors are: acceptance of autocracy, role of elites and nationalism as the reasons Hitler assumed power. I have further broken it down into 3 periods – 1848-71, 1871-1918 and 1918-1934. … Read more

applying psychological concepts in everyday

The goal of this assignment is to develop your skills in reading and interpreting a psychological article, in finding relevant, recent literature on a topic, and in applying psychological concepts and research to situations in everyday life. It will also help you to develop your skills in writing a coherent and concise piece of work. … Read more

Revision of argumentative research paper

A. Final Draft Guidelines DIRECTIONS: Refer to the list below throughout the writing process. Do not submit your Touchstone until it meets these guidelines. 1. Editing and Revising ❒ Have you significantly revised the essay by adjusting areas like organization, focus, and clarity? ❒ Have you made comprehensive edits to word choice, sentence variety, and … Read more

A tour of the world

What do you think is the major macroeconomic issue facing the United States currently, and what may have caused it? (Not more than 200 words).

Who is A Progressive

Who is A Progressive? Review the following site: Then, address the following: According to Roosevelt, what are the characteristics of a progressive? Explain and give examples of the characteristics of “anti-progressives.” Trace what types of activities “anti-progressives” engaged in? Analyze the goals of progressivism. Explain what areas of society progressives addressed? Analyze the progressive … Read more

Professional Identity and Image

lease answer the following Discussion Questions. Please be certain to answer the three questions on this week DQ and to provide a well-developed and complete answer to receive credit. Your post must have 3 references for full credit. Also, please ensure to have read the assigned chapters for the current week. Professional Identity and Image … Read more


1.How did Rhodes v. Chapman change the operations of prisons? 2. Describe the increase in the number of prisons over the past decade. 3. Describe the physical security factors that go with prison security levels (minimum, medium, maximum) 4. What factors have influenced a recent decline in the number of prison inmates in some states … Read more

policy analysis

Purpose: Compare and contrast the policy analysis “Eight-Fold Path” with social science steps, and policy analysis with policy advocacy Consider Bardach’s Eight-Fold Path (2000). Compare and contrast this with the steps often taking in social science research more broadly. (Search for “social science research steps” in google, for example). Discuss the differences between policy analysis … Read more

Team-Based Approach

Reference the Case Study: A Values-Based Approach, pages 226-231 and the Physician Leadership Education document in the supplementary material section. Answer the discussion questions by applying concepts from the chapter readings, resources, and your experience. Be creative and innovative with your answers AND apply applicable content from the previous chapters and answer the following questions … Read more

Professional Philosophy of Nursing Leadership

1. In NUR 300: Nursing as Human Science, students were asked to write a nursing philosophy statement that included the students’ values and beliefs about nursing, health, people, and the environment. Re-visit that initial statement and answer the following questions (be specific): • What is your current philosophy of nursing? Include your values and beliefs. … Read more

Comparison essay: A Streetcar Named Desire and Fences

A Streetcar Named Desire and Fences both focus on complicated main characters. How do Williams and Wilson want us to feel about Blanche DuBois and Troy Maxson? Are they sympathetic characters whose struggles are the result of an unjust society, or are they lost because they are clinging to an outdated way of life when … Read more

Week 6 Assignment – Part B: Developing Marketing Strategies

Week 6 Assignment – Part B: Developing Marketing Strategies Overview Using the same hypothetical company from Part A: Marketing Plan Input, for this assignment, you will focus on the company’s branding strategy, primary and secondary target markets, positioning statement, and consumer behavior. Note: You should make all assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment. … Read more

Prevention Education Handouts

Develop a one-page educational handout on the prevention of substance use for children and adolescents in each of the following grade levels: 3rd grade 7th grade 12th grade Include the following in each handout: Reasons to say “no.” Why drugs and alcohol are dangerous Negative side effects in terms they will understand, giving age-appropriate examples … Read more

small business

PART 3 Prepare a ‘recruitment plan’ (workforce, recruitment and succession plans) for the identified key position in your organization. In your plan, include: What is your companies ‘brand’? How do you want employees and customers to think/feel about your company? How will your company’s brand influence your recruitment strategy? Without discriminating on any of the … Read more

article research

Identify the components of a research article. You will complete an assignment involving summarizing a peer-reviewed academic journal article, summarising the research sections, and discussing your method for identifying and locating this article. For this project, you will: Have a cover page Adhere to APA 7th edition formatting Include a Reference page Select a current … Read more

wk 8 law paper

Write a two-page paper analyzing the fact pattern presented below. Please use federal law, Virginia law, or military law. Your analysis should include application of the topics covered during the past seven weeks. For example, at a minimum, you must spot the issue and discuss the following: search and seizure, search warrants, execution of warrants, … Read more

T. Brown

In your final paper, Select an organization. Describe the industry and business model. Examine a recent initiative that the organization implemented. Assess the success of the initiative. Describe the organization’s decision support systems and their decision-making process. Identify the decision support tools used by the organization to make various structured, semi-structured, and unstructured decisions. Outline … Read more


The graduate collaborates with team members to address common instructional goals and improve teaching and learning. In this task, you will identify an instructional goal and then develop a plan for collaborating with your colleagues to achieve that goal. You will then reflect on the success of your collaboration plan by addressing feedback from your … Read more


Discussion questions Using the Internet, research acquisitions that are currently underway and choose one of these acquisitions to discuss. Based on the firms’ characteristics and experiences and the reasons cited to support the acquisition, do you feel it will result in increased strategic competitiveness for the acquiring firm? Why or why not? Of the problems … Read more

The responsibility to be Historically informed

Throughout the course, you have examined how historical events impact current events. Historians are often motivated to partly study the past because that knowledge can help us frame, compare, and understand modern problems. However, what responsibilities does an ordinary citizen have to know a particular history (such as different historical perspectives, different historical times, and … Read more


For your analytical essay you will be examining the topic of voting in an election, specifically why people who are eligible to vote do not often vote. You will also consider an alternative to the way ballots are counted and a proposal to lower the voting age to 16 years old. The idea/thesis that you … Read more

Legal Strategies

Read the following cases and answer the questions that follow. Answers should be numbered accordingly, demonstrate critical thinking and concepts from the course, have supporting facts, use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation and adhere to APA guidelines. Any outside sources must be cited and referenced. This assignment should be at least two pages of content. … Read more

Critical and Rhetorical Analysis

Write a critical and rhetorical analysis of “Owning it All” by William Kittredge. It will be helpful to you and to your audience if you identify patterns of strategies, and patterns of content, and whom you believe the intended audience was/is, and how that also plays into the rhetorical and content choices of the author. … Read more

Health Essay

Essay 1 should focus on the readings and information contained in Topic folders 1-3 and answer the following questions: Why study health-related topics? What are the three overarching components of the 10 Essential Public Health Services? What are the foundation skills for critical thinking and health literacy? What are some significant psychological challenges to African … Read more

Which theory of justice do you think in more plausible– Rawls’s welfare liberalism or Nozick’s classical liberalism (libertarianism)? Explain both and give reasons for your choice.

Which theory of justice do you think in more plausible– Rawls’s welfare liberalism or Nozick’s classical liberalism (libertarianism)? Explain both and give reasons for your choice. Using Vaughn’s Ch. 8 and the excerpts from Locke reprinted there, explain Locke’s view of human nature. Use details from the textbook to support your description of his view. … Read more

analyzes Chimamanda Adichie’s letter “Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions” (2018) and respond to one of the following prompts.

The writing prompt is in the uploaded file below it’s label english 102 essay 1. My teacher wants me to do a combination of prompt 1 and 2. Which is 1. Review Adichie’s suggestions and identify the ones that are most significant to you. Using her letter as your central source, expand upon its suggestions, … Read more

The Bad and the Beautiful film analysis

Watch the entire movie The Bad and the Beautiful (1951). This film is an example of Hollywood portraying Hollywood during the Golden Age of Hollywood. After watching the film, you are required to compose a 500- to 750-word essay (2 to 3 pages) that explains how the film depicts the advantages and disadvantages of the … Read more

impact of DV on children

Discuss the impact of DV on children. What are some of their unique challenges and hardships? What is meant by latent vulnerability? What about the impact on children’s brain development and mental health?


Write 250 words or more addressing questions A and B, below. If you borrow any language from the video, place it in quotation marks and either use a signal phrase to show where it came from, or end the sentence with a parenthetical citation acknowledging that the language is mine: (Dunnum). If you paraphrase, use … Read more

eCommerce influence on businesses

demonstrate a knowledge of the fundamentals of eCommerce Discuss the role of eCommerce in practical business applications Assess eCommerce influence on businesses and how it provides a competitive advantage Prompt: In the context of an e-Business application, explain the technology classes of Aspect-Oriented, Advanced Platform, Internet & Web, and Function-Oriented. Use examples to illustrate. Instructions: … Read more

teens,depression, and spirtuality

Choose a research article out of the options given on Blackboard. Read the article several times until you get a full understanding of the general purpose and results of the research. Using APA style 7th edition, write a title page and use Times New Roman, 12pt font. Also include a reference page at the end … Read more

deductive argument

Assignment: Deductive Arguments This assignment has three parts. Make sure you complete all parts for full credit. Part 1: Complete the following deductive arguments by filling in the conclusion (2 points each). P: Celtic fans hate the Lakers. P: Nancy loves the Celtics. C: P: All the members of the track team shaved their heads … Read more

Imagine you are a journalist/editor/author for a blog/podcast/YouTube channel/newspaper/magazine, and you have been given an exclusive interview with one of four figures from the Iliad – Briseis, Nestor, Thersites, or Thetis

Overview: Imagine you are a journalist/editor/author for a blog/podcast/YouTube channel/newspaper/magazine, and you have been given an exclusive interview with one of four figures from the Iliad – Briseis, Nestor, Thersites, or Thetis. You must choose one of these individuals and provide an interview, or a script of an interview, that you’ve carried out with them. … Read more

summarize article from David brook “the other education” write the article argument and also write a respond. do you argue with the author or disagree

Summary writing: write one paragraph summary of the article argument, the topic sentence of your summary should state the article thesis Response: develop and defend your response to the argument. What do you make of the authors argument? Agree or disagree. Draw your own experience and clear explanation of ypur reasoning to supprt your argument. … Read more

International Leadership individual assessment

1. Please complete according to the background requirements of the paper, including the overall framework of the paper, such as background, abstract, table of contents, and conclusion. 2. The reading list includes ,< Leadership: Theory, Application, and Skill Development>, , .


In this assignment, you will use the CapraTek Key Employee Interviews [DOCX] to analyze the transcript of interviews with five key CapraTek employees and write a memorandum in narrative form addressing the following for each of the wrongful death complaints.

Option #1: Country Overview – American Manufacturer Expansion Strategy

Company: Nike Inc Target Country: Haiti Describe your selected company and its products and services. Given the target country market, prepare a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Remember, strengths and weaknesses address internal company issues and opportunities and threats address external country market issues. Conduct a Market Intelligence Assessment. This is a broad … Read more

Financial proposal

The facility is a cancer center please persuade financial investors to invest money into this facility Assignment: Project Proposal Presentation For this Assignment, you are required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation that is a thorough pitch deck for the elevator speech you prepared in a previous module. Drawing upon your learning in previous courses and … Read more

an analysis of the Black Loyalists during the American Revolution.

An analysis of the Black Loyalists during the American Revolution. Read this Primary Source: Memoirs of a Black Loyalist Boston King Read this Article: Black Loyalists Fought for their Freedom During the American Revolution Answer the following Questions: 1.What were the motivations of the Black Loyalists and other people of color to support the King? … Read more

an analysis of the duel between Burr and Hamilton

an analysis of the duel between Burr and Hamilton. Read this Article: Brief History of Dueling. Read the Hamilton and Burr Letters: The Letters. Answer these questions: 1. What was the purpose of dueling during the years of the Early Republic? 2. Why was this considered an honorable way to settle a dispute? 3. Are … Read more

Diversity Awareness Proposal

Probation Officers must ba able to show diversity awareness in how they interact with a variety of individuals. Determine strategies to address issues of diversity prevalent in criminal justice administration. Scenario: Several local judges want to make changes in the corrections system based on feedback from Probation Officers. They have reached out to your agency … Read more


Develop a substantial initial post addressing all the points below: Locate an article on the nutritional beliefs of a culture or religion. Provide a summary of the article and include a link to the article. What interventions should nurses implement to ensure cultural competence is met through their diet/nutrition recommendations? Use evidence from one scholarly … Read more

Research Outline for Pay Transparency in Job Description

Instead of writing the paper, you will submit an outline of your research, primarily quoting and paraphrasing evidence and argumentation directly from your research – this is not an outline of the argumentative paper! Annotated bibliography (description of the article) – that includes an evaluation of each source (at least a sentence describing the quality … Read more

Describe a program, a project portfolio, and a project? What are the relationships between project management, program management, and portfolio management? How does each of these management practices contribute to enterprise success?

Describe a program, a project portfolio, and a project? What are the relationships between project management, program management, and portfolio management? How does each of these management practices contribute to enterprise success?

Policies which advocate ‘free markets’ and ‘free trade’ between countries formed the basis of development paradigms throughout much of the developing world from the 1980s and onwards. Describe the theory behind how free traders thought.

Write a 5-7 page paper (double spaced, 12 point font, standard margins) on one of the following topics. Your title page and bibliography (and any other pages that are not writing) do not count towards the page count. Please cite all your sources, with an accepted citational standard of your choice. For sources, you may … Read more

(1) Culture, (2) The film “Smyrna:

1) Culture – a set of ideas and practices – through language in this case, conditions even the hard sciences and biology, as Emily Martin suggests in her seminal article “The Egg and the Sperm,” promoting and perpetuating gender stereotypes. Present the author’s main argument and explain in your presentation the risks involved in attributing … Read more

Does wasfaty system increase access to pharmaceutical care

This Wasfaty system is new system in Saudi Arabia aim to transition of medicine delivery from primary health care to community pharmacy I want to measure patients satisfaction about this new system The proposal contains introduction, method and references And very important to write the references in between Try to write about previous study and … Read more

Respond to classmates

Respond to these two classmates in 5 senteces Classmate Discussion 1 Gabriela Leal This weeks module covered a hefty amount of informative topics. I very much enjoyed when the lecture covered pieces of genetic content. Most especially because, I am also currently taking the class and learning similar topics. I liked learning about the distinct … Read more

Parental negligence and social media

This document takes the form of a proposal for the dissertation that gives an overview of the topic The research question The literature that will be consulted The methods to be used in the research The analysis Ethical issues Conclusion Timetable(Please the dissertation is due in June…just heads for the timeline)

Home Safety for Elderly Residents

This assignment focuses on developing a health promotion activity to address a specific problem for a specific patient population. I chose to focus on fall prevention in elderly residents of an assisted living facility as this topic would provide more resources to complete. I have included the grading rubric for the assignment, the assignment itself, … Read more

American Dream Synthesis Essay

Pre-Write: Closely read and annotate your two chosen articles, noting similarities and differences in language and key ideas. Consider how these voices are connected to one another and to the larger conversation. How do they respond to one another? (Do they agree? Disagree?) How do they respond to previous voices in this conversation? Write: Synthesize … Read more

lawyer representing an undocumented immigrant

Imagine you are a lawyer representing an undocumented immigrant charged with drug smuggling. You believe that he has been set up by the police. The prosecutor offered your client a plea deal with a punishment of 2 years in prison instead of the normal 10 years for the amount he was accused of smuggling if … Read more

Wk 5 Discussion – Policy Outcome Evaluation (cja 446)

Part 1 In this course, you have explored how policies and programs are evaluated, including the planning, design, and implementation of evaluations. But how can the effectiveness of the policies or programs be measured? In this discussion, you explore the processes involved in outcome evaluation. Research an example of a criminal justice policy evaluation with … Read more

Community Assessment Part 1: Demographic & Epidemiological Data

Part I Demographic and Epidemiological Data help to describe the health and wellness of communities and population groups. This assignment gives you an opportunity to locate and analyze key demographic and epidemiological data for your selected County using a template to guide the assessment process. Note: This part of the Community Assessment, along with Parts … Read more

Understanding Oppressive Systems

-Before completing the essay can you take a few moments to read to attached essay because along with new research some of the ideas in the first essay has to be used as building blocks for this essay. What are some of the key historical events that illustrate how the African American community faced, endured, … Read more