Imagery in poetry

Words: 205
Pages: 1
Subject: Philosophy
Today’s activities continue our exploration of poetry, focusing on imagery in poetry. The related readings are Stephen Kuusisto’s essay “Digressions on Poetry, Prose, and a Lingonberry Bush” and his poems “At Winter Solstice: Iowa City” and “Talking Books.”
1. Watch the Writing Groups announcement video. While graded group work will not be an assigned component of this course, you may find it helpful to work with your classmates in smaller groups to organize peer reviews, discuss readings, or share research resources. You will be able to access the group that you have been placed in by clicking on the Writing Support Groups tab on our course page.
2. Watch the tutorial on imagery. Be sure as you are watching this–as when watching all of the tutorial videos–that you take notes and add to your Literary Terms Lexicon. This will help you as you write your paper.
3. View the interview with Kuusisto. This video may give you more context for his approach to poetry.
4. Read these short articles about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The New Deal, talking books, and Robert Peary. The poem “Talking Books” makes use of allusion, a term that was covered in the tutorial on diction. Understanding more about these references will deepen your understanding of the poem.
5. Write a MEAL plan paragraph that discusses Kuusisto’s use of imagery in his poetry. Choose one of his poems and give an example of how imagery is used in the poem. Post this paragraph to the Imagery discussion forum. This post is due to the discussion forum by noon on Thursday, June 8.

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