Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR CUSTOMERS You should agree to these terms or otherwise they are subject to restriction from using the website: THE PERSON ACCESSING THE WEBSITE SHOULD NOT BE UNDERAGE; HENCE, YOU MUST BE WITHIN THE LEGAL AGE TO TRANSACT BUSINESS WITH THE FIRM. BY SUBMITTING AN ORDER AND/OR PAYMENT, YOU AGREE THAT YOU ARE AWARE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BESIDES READING THEM. SUBSEQUENTLY, YOU AGREE TO HAVE A LEGAL ATTACHMENT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS THUS FORMING AN ENTIRE AGREEMENT WITH THE BRIGHT PEN COMPANY . INTERPRETATION In this document: “Website” implies https://essayhelp101.com// “Customer”, “You” or “Yours” refers to you or any person involved in submitting the order to the website, on your behalf. “Company”, “We” or “Our” mean and refer to  premium  company , which holds its registration from the laws of the Houston (SW) Street address> 8704 S. Gessner Houston, TX 77074 “Product” represents any written material that the firm delivers to the customer alongside the order. “Order” implies a written order in a standard electronic form, which the customer fills and submits, to our website.

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Upon submitting the order, you only take the product for personal use and not commercial use. The freelance Editors have the responsibility of transferring all the rights and ownership that relates to the product, to the company. The products are non-refundable and have no warranties. You can access any additional information on our money back policy page. We obligate you to reading these terms and conditions alongside our money back policy page before the submission regarding the order or payment.


You should access any explanation about our privacy and security from our privacy statement and privacy policy respectively. LINKS DISCLAIM Unless stated herein, we do not sponsor any site that may seem linked to ours; consequently, we do not control the content of the sites. WARRANTIES Besides the understanding and agreement with the statement, the customer must agree to the following: • You should cite any information relating to the product. • We provide all the products samples of research and/or guiding in learning the ways of properly writing and citation. • Our products are from freelance writers who transfer all the rights of ownership to us with the inclusion of our customers. • You acknowledge that we get payment as a compensation for the time and effort we us in the whole process of making the websites known in the educational field e.g. advertising and administration. • We give out a reasonable number of personal and commercial use of which you should not otherwise go against the copyright rules. • Once the research is complete, you agree to destroy all from the company hence adhering to the copyright rules.


You agree to release and defend all the members of the company including the shareholders and sources of information from any damages or claims related to the products including but not limited to: a) Electronic gadgets and software e.g. telephones and internet; b) any failure including incomplete computer transmission; c) conditions arising from disruption and corruption of the delivery; d) injuries and damages arising from the operation of the company; or (e) any error arising from printing of the materials. Further, you agree to hold the company harmless against any suit filed by the third party or otherwise you would have breached the terms and condition of the company. THE COMPANY IS NOT LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENCES ARISING FROM THE USE OF THE WEBSITE OR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THE WEBSITE. HOWEVER, THIS IS AN EXCEPTION TO THOSE JURISDICTION DO NO ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FROM THE CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. AMENDMENTS You agree and acknowledge the terms and conditions are a subject to amendments hence we recommend that you continuously review them. We immediately update on any change on our website

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