Importance of the sequence in the plot or construction of the filmic world of Yi Yi

East Asian Studies 160 Cinema in Taiwan
Second Sequence Analysis

Analyze the below sequence from Yi Yi (the film is available on Kanopy through the UCI Library; No fewer than 500 words and no more than 750 words. Turn in a hard copy (12pt times new roman or helvetica double spaced) in person at 4 pm on June 12, 2023 in Room 156 Humanities Hall (HH).

Sequence time register: 58:05 – 1:01:29

Discuss and Explain:

1: the importance of the sequence in the plot or construction of the filmic world of Yi Yi; in other words, how this sequence is a turning point for the character or characters involved or how this sequence reveals or implies something about the world of the film.

2: how distinct elements of the cinematic narration of the sequence emphasize this turning point or portrayal of the filmic world in Yi Yi. elements may include camera motion, shot construction, mise-en-scene, the use of windows, etc.

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