Describe how the data was gathered and analyze

The topic is up to you as long as you choose a peer-reviewed, academic research piece. (I’d say if you can find blockchain based article would be great) – NO COPIED OR PLAGIARISM Please use APA formatting and include the following information: Introduction/Background: Provide context for the research article. What led the author(s) to write … Read more

Identify and discuss Durkheims Anomie Theory.

The following essay was written by a student responding to the question: Identify and discuss Durkheims Anomie Theory. What is the influence of the Chicago School on Durkheims Anomie Theory? In contrast, describe the main components of Hirschis Self-Control and Crime Theory. Your response should demonstrate the application of theory, law, policy, practice, and/or scholarly … Read more

Outline a plan that the corporate training and development staff could use to conduct a comprehensive training needs analysis (TNA). Include in your plan information about the analyses you will conduct, the stakeholders you will involve, and the data collection methods you will use. [12 points]

Directions Your answers should demonstrate via their length and depth an understanding of course concepts. Thus, some answers will be longer and more involved than others. It may be useful to take point values into account when responding. Scenario One and Related Questions Wexlers Grocery has 50 locations throughout the Midwest. Each location employs people … Read more