American Civil Liberties Union

Words: 251
Pages: 1
Subject: History
Question One: Explain why we have a need for a system of order maintenance within society and explain the role of law within that system. In other words, what is the role of government in our society and why are laws important for the “common good” of society. Do you feel our laws in the United States are too restrictive, too lenient, or just about right? Why do you feel this way?
Question Two: Go to (the American Civil Liberties Union Web site). There you will find numerous articles about the American Civil Liberties Union’s efforts to “defend” and preserve Constitutional rights. Select an article and submit a brief summary and critique the issue. Did you agree/disagree with the article? How do YOU feel about the American Civil Liberties Union?
Question Three: Each state has its own criminal justice processes, agencies, and personnel. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of requiring the states to adopt a common standard for their criminal justice system? What are some arguments for and against this idea?

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