Write a report about Dr. Stephen Mick

Assignment Goal: Create a unique Who’s Who Board for Class Observation

As a class, we will create a Who’s Who board of experts from the field of organizational theory and organizational behavior. Each student will write one biography report and submit it for the instructor and peers to read.

Biography Assignment

In this assignment, you are required to use MS Word to write a report about a famous person in the world of organizational theory or organizational behavior. You will choose your person from the list provided in the lecture notes. You can expand your search from the list if you find someone interesting as an expert in the field (professor, doctor, public speaker, etc.) Be sure their expertise is in organizational theory or organizational behavior. Look at their credentials and work experience to verify their expertise. Use Wikipedia.org website or other biography sources for the person. You will take notes on the person as you conduct the research and write a biography report to submit for a grade.

Please follow the steps below to prepare your biography report.

Choose a person:

Choose a person known for their work in organizational theory or organizational behavior from Wikipedia.org, Google search engines, or hard copy sources such as magazines, journal articles, documentaries, or books (the source does not need to be scholarly but it needs to be informative and true to the best of your judgment). Choose a person that you can find enough information to write the report.

Here are a few well-known people to consider for your report:

Mary Parker Follett
Lillian Gilbreth
Kurt Lewin
Everett Rodgers
Chris Argyris
Frederick Herzberg
Abraham Maslow
David McClelland
Victor Vroom
Douglas McGregor
Herbert Simon
James G March
Donald Schon
Edgar Schein
Andrew Pettigrew
Dimitri Batras
Dr. Stephen Mick
Manoj Sharma
Collect notes about the individual’s personal life:

This could include when the person was born, where the person grew up, something about the person’s family, where did the person go to school, something about the person’s childhood, and/or has this person died.

Collect notes about why is this person well known in the professional or research field:

This should include specific information about what this person has done to make her or himself well known and referenced in the field of organizational theory. Please include relevant accomplishments, specific events help, talks, books or papers written, models, and the year when these events occurred.

Write the report

Font style times new roman or Cambria, size 12. Include your name, date, class, and instructor name at the top of the report. The title should be the name of the person you researched for the report. Each paragraph needs to have 4- 5 sentences, and the whole report should be about 2 pages worth of writing.

Paragraph #1 (4 points)

Write the first paragraph as an introduction to the report. Tell the reader who you chose for the report and explain why you chose this person.

Paragraph #2 (4 points)

Write the second paragraph about the individual’s personal life.

Paragraph #3 (4 points)

Write the third paragraph about why this person is well-known in the field or organizational theory.

Paragraph #4 (4 points)

Write the fourth paragraph as the conclusion to the report. You can include your general opinion about the work of this person and the knowledge they have contributed to our understanding of organizational theory or organizational behavior. If this person is still alive could write about what they are doing now in their research. If the person has died you can write about how they will be remembered.

Picture of the person (2 points)

Place a picture of the person in the report on the right-hand side just below the title of the report.

In-text citations and references are required. You can use many types of sources, you do not have to use scientific literature only. Be sure to let the reader know where you found your information.

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