Analyze the behavioral principles at work in the SAFMEDS process

Goal: This assignment measures your skill in analyzing and evaluating research on instructional strategies in the context of theories and principles of behavior analysis.
1. Read the three peer-reviewed articles containing research on SAFMEDS (attached).
2. Synthesize the research in three to four pages, in which you address the following:
o Analyze the behavioral principles at work in the SAFMEDS process, specifically discussing them in the context of precision teaching.
o Analyze the procedures, describing how the procedures in each study are similar to and different from one another.
o Analyze the results of each study and describe how the results are similar to and different from one another.
o Analyze the strengths and limitations of each study and discuss how these are similar to and different from one another.
o Evaluate future directions, identifying areas requiring additional research.
o Evaluate your own process in relation to the research, indicating how you will use the information gleaned from these studies to guide you through the SAFMEDS process.
• References: only use the attached Three single-subject research studies written within the last 10 years. (No websites or dissertations)
• Length of paper: Three to four typed, double-spaced pages of content, in addition to a title page, and references page.

FYI: SAFMEDS (Say All Fast a Minute Every Day Shuffled) is an acronym used to describe a behavior technology that employs flashcards to accelerate performance.

Quigley, S. P., Peterson, S., Frieder, J. E., Peck, K. M., Kennedy-Walker, A., & Chirinos, M. (2021). An evaluation of multiple SAFMEDS procedures. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 14(3), 679-703.

Urbina, T., Cihon, T. M., & Baltazar, M. (2021). Exploring procedural manipulations to enhance student performance on SAFMEDS in undergraduate introduction to behavior analysis courses. Journal of Behavioral Education, 30(1), 130-148.

Meindl, J. N., Ivy, J. W., Miller, N., Neef, N. A., & Williamson, R. L. (2013). An Examination of Stimulus Control in Fluency-Based Strategies: SAFMEDS and Generalization. Journal of Behavioral Education, 22(3), 229-252.

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