Describe Employment Laws in an organizations

in your new role as chief human resource(CHRO) for a major retail organization, you have been tasked by the CEO to conduct a presentation to the management team on employment laws awareness within your first 30 days. The CEO informs you that under the.CHRO, the company was subject to legal action, resulting from a lack of knowledge of employment laws, which had on favorable outcomes. Avoiding similar experiences is a high priority, and your thorough presentation to the management team is the first big step took success.
Include cover, agenda, conclusion, and reference list, slides, all of which may count toward the total slide count. Provide a 1-2 slide overview of employment laws based on information found in chapter 1 of employment law for human resource practice. Notes you may use your discretion to decide which information needs to be addressed as long as you overview is descriptive and relevant. Include and the remaining/the following are required presentation information: provide a three slide minimal covering at least six chrome bullet points, highlighting and discussion on the concept of employment discrimination provide a three slide minimal covering at least six bulletin points highlighted a discussion on the type of discrimination. Provide a three slime minimal covering a lease six bulletin points. Highlighted a discussion on.retaliation.

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