Buddhist Philosophies and Contemporary Application

Critical Analysis Essay 2: On Buddhist Philosophies and Contemporary Applications
Directions: In a 3 page (1000 words) complete essay (and an additional page that includes works cited and reflection paragraph),
typed in double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins, not including your name or other identifying
information, address the following:
1. Select a specific concept, practice, aspect of history, or other feature of Buddhist philosophies or Asian philosophies in
contemporary application using course materials, and explain it in thorough detail drawing primarily from a single source
in our course materials. This should take up roughly 1/2 of the paper.
Some suggested questions to stimulate thinking and selection of a topic:
-What is the Buddha’s notion of selfhood?
-How does Nagarjuna navigate between essentialism and nihilism?
-How does King apply Buddhist philosophy to interreligious dialogue?
2. Provide broader context for the selection in #1, using mainly a single different source from course materials than used
in #1. This should take up roughly 1/4 of the paper.
Suggested questions for reflection on this component:
-How do later philosophers build on it?
-What earlier philosophies is this built on?
3. Conclude with your own thoughts on what you’ve explained in parts #1 and #2, in a couple paragraphs reflecting on
what you think about aspects of Buddhist philosophies or Asian philosophies in contemporary applications. This should
be less than 1/4 of the paper.
Suggested questions for consideration in this component:
-Does philosophy enhance or undermine religious experience?
-Do you have personal experiences that relate to what you selected and explained?
Further Directions:
4. Cite all material appropriately in Chicago Manual of Style. The paper will not be accepted without proper citations.
a) See http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/717/01/
5. Required research component: include in the bibliography at least two scholarly articles, book chapters, or books as consulted
resources in producing the paper. Cite from at least one in the body of your paper where relevant. Include a brief annotation for each
of these resources in your bibliography. (Follow Eric’s Rules for Research)
6. Attach SELF GRADING CHECKLIST after reflection paragraph (below and available as separate doc).

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