Major Reasearch Project

In this project, you will analyze a recent mission into the solar system. You will discuss its research, its notable accomplishments, and comment on the importance of the work.
Choose a news article or press release on a recent discovery in planetary science from a mission into the solar system (eg, orbiter, lander, rover, possibly telescope). The article must meet the following criteria:
a. the article must have been published between April 1, 2022 and the due date of the project.
b. the article must be reporting scientific results about a new discovery based on data from a mission into the solar system (ie, ‘Perseverance has landed on Mars’ is not a scientific discovery).
c. the topic of the research must be beyond Earth (ie, satellite images of Earth are not acceptable) but WITHIN the solar system. If it is not about something from within the solar system, you may fail the project.
d. The article must come from the list of Allowable Sources below. If you find an an article/press release from beyond this list, please ask the professor before you proceed. You risk losing marks, if it is not part of this list.

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