WRITE A REFLECTIVE ESSAY ON BULLYING or GUNSYou will be writing a paper that covers what is currently going on, the author’s take, AND your opinions on that subject.DECIDE ON YOUR TOPIC AND YOUR POSITIONWhat are you choosing to write about – bullying or gun control or gun violence in general?What is your position (opinion) on that topic? Examples: We have to do more in schools to stop bullying. Bullying is everyone’s problem. You shouldn’t go to jail for bullying. We have a right to keep guns in our homes. While people have the right to own guns, semi automatics should be banned. The increase in gun violence in our country is due to the increase in violent video games. The increase in gun violence in our country is not due to the violent video games. The government should take a stronger role in gun control. The government should stay out of gun control.

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