Critical Thinking assesment

COURSE COMPONENT: Critical Thinking Assessment-Take-Home Portion (60 points)
To fully demonstrate knowledge of the concepts linked to critical thinking, each Rep will select a persuasive essay and analyze the argument presented by applying various critical thinking concepts.
● Each Rep will select a persuasive essay from the site (each Rep will have a unique essay) to apply the various critical thinking concepts:
● After selecting the essay, claim the essay by adding your selection to the sign-up list:
● **Signup Sheet_Persuasive Essay_Critical Thinking Assessment_Take Home (MPS SP23)
● For the selected article, each Rep will analyze the essay by applying the following concepts.
I. Identify the Individual Claims within the Essay:
a. Within the essay, dissect the information to identify each of the claims made within the essay and list the numbered claims as guided within the class sessions (i.e. Sessions 3-4; PC 1).
b. Criteria for Grading this Section:
i. Does the Rep demonstrate an understanding of how to recognize a single piece of information claimed within the essay?
ii. Are the claims thoroughly revised to ensure that each presented claim makes sense in isolation without changing the meaning of the information?
II. Provide a Diagram of the Argument:
a. Within each essay, the author is presenting an argument for a specific topic. Using the techniques discussed in the class session, provide a diagram of the argument (i.e. Sessions 5-8; PC 2).
b. Criteria for Grading this Section:
i. Does the Rep demonstrate the understanding that each arrow represents a connection between a reason/premise and a logical conclusion that can be reasonably made in isolation of the other pieces of information?
ii. Does the Rep understand the difference between an independent premise and a dependent premise?
iii. Are the appropriate claims included to create a complete diagram?
iv. Are the appropriate inferences/assumptions added to the diagram to ensure logical connections?
III. Critique of the Evidence:
a. Within each essay, the Rep should analyze each source used within the essay to determine the credibility of the information using the techniques discussed within the course (such as provided in Session 9).
b. Criteria for Grading this Section:
i. Does the Rep apply the full process of critiquing the evidence as discussed within the course?
ii. Does the Rep fully analyze each piece of evidence individually?
IV. Identification of Logical Fallacies:
a. Within each essay, the Rep should identify the logical fallacies discussed within the course that are evident within the essay (such as provided in Session 10-11).
b. Criteria for Grading this Section:
i. Does the Rep apply the fallacies accurately?
ii. Is each claim that the piece of information is a fallacy backed up by a thorough justification/rationale?
iii. Are all of the major fallacies made within the essay identified?
Submitting the Document:
● Each Rep should submit a Microsoft Word document (NOT a pdf or Google Doc) using eLearning by the deadline (Late submissions will lose 10 points per 24 hours, beginning at midnight of the day after the deadline.

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