Write a summary statement : Reducing Risk from Healthcare Professionals

For this team project assignment, you will work with your previously assigned team. Each team will assume the role of the Board of Hospital Hope located in Jacksonville, Florida. The Board is looking to hire medical providers to fill the position(s) of physician and nurse. They have received numerous resumes. As the Board of Hospital of Hope, your team needs to credential the person and determine if they should be hired. You will need to cite your reasons for hiring or not hiring the person.

Use the Credentialing and Privileging checklist template Download Credentialing and Privileging checklist template, to review the two resumes and addendums.

Alice Wilson Resume Download Alice Wilson Resume
Dr. John Gayden Resume Download Dr. John Gayden Resume
For each resume and addendum, go through the sections of the checklist. Conduct the indicated activity, responding with the action taken, and a maximum of 2 sentences in the “Note” column of the checklist. If you cannot conduct the actual activity, indicate the process you should take.

Indicate the date that you initiated the action and the final date when the action was finalized. For example, requested transcriipts on 3/1/20, received 4/24/20. (your dates are fictional)

Include a summary statement stating whether the person was hired and why or why not?

Helpful Tips
Section A: Application: For applicant identifying information, walk thru the resume and check to see if the information is included in the resume or application and check off yes or no. Make notes, as necessary. For example, order transcriipts.

Section B: Verification and Review: You are simulating the process of obtaining and verifying the information. Some of the websites will not permit you to sign in for specific information, therefore identify the steps of the process and include comments. Use the internet to verify as much information as possible and document what you found on the checklist.

For example: In verifying education, if the resume indicates they attended the Florida State College or University of Texas School of Medicine, check the website to see if either institution has a School of Medicine.

If you search and find that Florida State College does not have a School of Medicine, you would skip to element B and deny hiring the person.

Do not actually call any of the institutions. (In real life you would actually call and get certified documents from the institution).

Section C: Delineation of Clinical Privileges: You are simulating the process of obtaining and verifying the information. Create information based upon your group’s responses to the resume and addendum.

Section D: Reappointment of Clinical Privileges: This section is to show you what information would be needed after the employee has been with the facility for over a year. You do not have to complete this section.

Section E: Performance Appraisal: In order to become familiar with performance appraisals for medical providers, using the textbook and recommended resources, provide a brief summary of the importance of the various types of information shown in items 1 thru 7.

Section F: Summary Statement: In your summary statement, indicate whether the person was hired. State why or why not?

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