Melting and Freezing point of salt water and distill water

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All the research you have completed you are going to compile into a research paper suitable for publication in a journal.
You will complete a research paper with the following components:
Title Page
Significance Statement
Research Paper
Materials and Methods
We will follow the format of a major scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Their paper format information can be found here An example of a published research article from this journal may be found here ( Their formatting includes how to reference sources used. You will need at least 5 sources to complete the background and discussion material, with at least 3 from current, peer-reviewed journals. All sources should be cited in the format listed by the journal, and all sources should be scholarly and clearly relate to the research focus.
The introduction/background section of your paper should clearly identify and discuss the focus and purpose of your research. You should tie your focus with previous research or theoretical literature. The significance of your research or how it contributes to your field should be clearly identified. Lastly, your hypothesis should be clearly articulated.
The methods and material section of your paper should provide accurate, thorough descriptions of how the data was collected, how many and what sources were analyzed, plan of analysis or measurement, and the research context. There should also be a reflection on how social situatedness or reflexivity may influence data collection and interpretation that is thorough and insightful. The methods should be detailed enough someone could replicate your experiment exactly with only this paper.
The results section of your paper should clearly explain what you discovered in a comprehensive level of detail and be well-organized. Tables and figures should be used to clearly and concisely convey your data. The proper statistical analysis should be executed when appropriate and should be accurately interpreted.
The discussion section of your paper should provide interpretation or analysis of your results that is thoughtful and insightful. You should clearly use your results to make these interpretations or analyses and address how they are supported, refuted, and/or informed your hypotheses or propositions. There should be an insightful discussion of how the study relates to and/or enhances your scholarship in this area. Suggestions for further research should be included that are insightful and thoughtful.
10 hours ago
I just did the experiment about the melting point of tap water and saltwater.
I have 4 clear cup
1 cup is tap water
1 cup with 1% of salt with water in it
1 cup with 3.5% of salt in water
1 cup with 18% of salt in water
After doing that I put them in the freezer to freeze over the weekend.
Then I took all of it out when they are freezing to see how fast and how slow they will melt at the room temperature is 20 Celcius.
After all, the cup with only water in it is the one that melts slower than the other and the cup with 18% salt is melt faster.

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