Zoetis – Case Study

Zoetis Company Case in module A
Analyze the Zoetis Company which produces medical products for pets; stock symbol ZTS.
It is a medium size company with a particular customer and narrow product lines.
Review their website for products and services, then look at the Investors link.
Respond to the questions below
Review the vision and mission statement for Zoetis. In plain words, what do they mean?
How many countries does it operate in? Is this a good idea?
How profitable was the company last 2 years?
Explain why the I/O or the RBV model for above average returns applies to this company.
Explain how the VRIN model (LO 3-3) applies to Zoetis.
What do you think are the external opportunities and threats?
What are the company’s core competencies and sources of competitive advantage?
As a graduate student, I would expect a thoughtful response to consist of a paragraph with some depth for each question.
So perhaps about a two pages or 1,000 words should suffice.
Include section headings. This is an individual paper.

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