Explain how Information and Cyber and Australian Maritime contribute to the evolution of the Australian Joint Force.

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The Defence Strategic Update 2020 (DSU 2020) sets out the challenges in Australias strategic environment and their implications for Defence planning. The Force Structure Plan 2020 (FSP 2020) articulates the critical capabilities earmarked for investment, in response to these challenges. Addresses two domains: Information and Cyber and Maritime. Analyse how these two capabilities identified for investment under the FSP contribute to the evolution of the Australian Joint Force. Identify gaps, opportunities, challenges and compromises posed by the introduction of these TWO capabilities (be controversial- but back it up with analysis The essay is to consider the emerging concepts in joint warfare, to conduct analysis of ADF capabilities across selected operational domains and the Defence Enterprise, and identify future priorities and their implications for Defence planning. Instructions: The construction of the essay should emphasise analysis, demonstrate evidence of logical thinking, and provide well organised material presented in a way to articulate a balanced and cohesive argument. The writer must decide which points require emphasis, balance topics suitably, and present arguments in clear, fluent prose.

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