Better understanding the relationships between sleep (hygiene, quality) and mental health: State-of-the-art interventions to improve both

Please follow the guidelines for formatting and referencing outlined in the Publication Manual of the
American Psychological Association. This paper must be 10-12 pages excluding the references. The paper must clearly analyze the topic presented in a detailed and critical manner that is scientifically sound and approved. The writing style must be professional (Master’s) level.
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I am looking for a in-depth analysis using biological, molecular, psychological as well as sociological aspects to connect the elements presented on the topic to one another. I do not wish to have a systematic literature review summarizing the basics, rather a medically sound in depth paper that connects the elements together while presenting evidence from studies using confidence intervals, p values, b coefficients, etc. This is a graduate level term paper.
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Focus on the biopsychosocial model as well as the physio-molecular lens when connecting the elements.

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