Waiting for Godot Analysis

Analyze a passage/section from Waiting for Godot.

From Estragon’s line “What’s wrong with you?” towards the top of page 83 to the end of the play on page 85.

Provide context for the excerpt. What has just happened? What happens after the excerpt? Who are these characters?

A second paragraph might summarize briefly what happens during the excerpt itself.

The most important parts of your essay will be your analyses. How will you organize your paragraphs? What can you say about Beckett’s language? What is unsaid? What can you say about Beckett’s use of silence? What would you like to say about the stage directions? If you were a director of this play, how would you direct this scene? How does this scene connect to others in the play? (In other words, can you demonstrate your knowledge of the whole play by commenting on this particular extract?) What can you say about the relationships between the characters?

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