What are the components of information systems infrastructure?

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What are the components of information systems infrastructure?
Using the topic Human Resources apply IT topics in PowerPoint. Please condense to 10 slides pulling information that will help an HR specialist servicing IT infrastructure services for the federal government

ITEC626: Information Systems Infrastructure
Individual Final Presentation
Individual Final Report Intention:
The intention of the “Individual Final Presentation” is to support your learning about Information Systems Infrastructure, especially as it pertains your work associated with a problem covering weeks 1 through week 11. The Individual Final Presentation is an individual piece of work.
The Individual Final Presentation is a PowerPoint presentation is a summary assignment that you will complete and submit at the end of the course.
Individual Final Presentation Assignment:
The Individual Final Presentation will entail the development of a detailed presentation that will allow you an opportunity to present a summary of key course concepts. The key course concept summary will be done in one of two ways:
(a) summarize key concepts that you will use in future course work, or
(b) summarize key concepts that you will apply in the work setting.
Students are required to complete and submit this presentation. You may use the course resources for some of your resource material, however, it is expected that you will do research outside of the content posted in this course.

The Individual Final Presentation must be unique and should not be a restatement of items from the course materials.
The use of APA is required for citing any in-text citations and providing full references at the end of the presentation.
Note: All presentations will be run through Turn-it-in. Any plagiarized papers or papers with a 20% or greater ‘similarity score’ (indicating that 20% or greater of the paper was copied) will receive a 0.
Individual Final Presentation Topics (pick one for your focus):
Summarize key concepts from the course that you will apply in your future coursework – or –
Summarize key concepts from the course that you will apply at your workplace.
Requirements for the Individual Final Report Paper include:
Development of 8 to 10 slides of content, excluding the cover slide, introductory slide (e.g. a list of key topics presented), Back matter slides (e.g. your reference slide).
Use an appropriate amount of text per slide, as not to clutter the presentation.
Use appropriate graphics/images to support your message.
Use of speaker notes to ‘flesh out’ the content shown on each slide.
A minimum of THREE outside references is required for your work. User peer-reviewed work (e.g., journals, conference proceedings, industry papers, etc.). Peer-reviewed work refers to articles written by experts, which are reviewed by several other experts in the field before the article is published in the journal in order to ensure the article’s quality. Please DO NOT use popular press items (e.g., Time Magazine, Forbes Magazine, etc.), which are not aligned with academic work.
Use APA formatting in your presentation (in particular, in-text citations and references).
Submit your PowerPoint presentation at the end of the course. NOTE: The PowerPoint is expected to be a usable presentation. Include PowerPoint speaker notes in your presentation (see the PowerPoint help feature if you are not familiar with this). Provide a reference section on the last slide of your presentation.

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