Write a research paper outlining the five most typical forms of abuse.

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Write a research paper outlining the five most typical forms of abuse.Evolve activities are included in the modules in this course to assist you in transitioning to a reflective professional nurse. Thoughtful reflection requires that you take a minute and examine your own responses and actions to an activity or situation. Through this analysis, you gain insights into self and your learning. This reflection improves the quality of care that you can apply in other clinical situations. There are generally no correct or incorrect answers to this activity. Your grade will be based on evidence that you completed the activity.

For this Evolve activity, first, watch the video Recognizing Child AbuseLinks to an external site.. Then consider the requirements in your state for RN’s as Mandated Reporters. Every individual has a reaction when faced with a situation with an abused child. Submit an answer to the following question: As an RN what would be the most challenging part of being a Mandated Reporter for you? Reply in the discussion area and your post will be evaluated using the Learning Connection Rubric.

In further phase 2 courses, the child abuse topic will be covered in a deeper manner; this introduction of it helps you recognize it and consider how the RN reacts.

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