Explain in detail and make it clear how your product exemplifies one Appadurai’s scapes.

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Answer the following questions in a 5 sentence paragraph: 1. Rites of passage and rites of intensification are an important part of many religious traditions, but these same rituals also exist in secular (non-religious) contexts. Explain van Gennep’s definition of the rites of passage. What is a classic example of such a rite (explain it and apply van Gennep’s categories). What is an example of these rites of passage in your own community. Make sure to explain each stage using van Gennep’s definition. What role do these rituals play in bringing people together? 2. Arjun Appadurai discusses various scapes. What are the scapes that he proposes? Make sure to explain each one. Kelsey Timmerman discovered that the average American is wearing clothes made in many different countries. This demonstrates how everyday items can involve all five of Arjun Appadurai’s scapes. Choose another product that is part of your everyday life. How many scapes can you connect it to? Explain in detail and make it clear how your product exemplifies one Appadurai’s scapes. 3. What is globalization, according to our textbook? Discuss and illustrate through an example the ways that globalization is a “double-edged” sword that brings both benefits and problems to developing countries? Make sure your example is relevant to your definition of globalization. 4. There are any number of environmental problems that the world is experiencing, from global warming to deforestation to soil depletion to the loss of honey bees. Pick an environmental problem. In what ways can anthropology contribute to understanding and solving the problem that you have selected? Be specific, use examples, explain your terms. 5. The textbook spends a number of pages on family and kinship. What is kinship from an anthropological perspective? Use an example in your own words to illustrate your points. (Hint: your answer should at the least include a discussion of the roles and obligations of kinship). 6. Analyze the concept of globalization using the Case Study: Global Demand for Quinoa, What does this example have to do with urbanization and environment? 7. We have considered several examples of diseases or conditions that result from interactions between biology and culture such as obesity. Why is it important to consider cultural factors that contribute to illness rather than placing blame on individuals? Find another example of an illness or condition that has cultural as well as biological causes and analyze it in terms of culture. What are the interactions between biology and culture in your example? Hint: this is an anthropology course, so make sure to use the concepts about culture that we have been learning about all semester. 8. What is the difference between studying something that is performance and studying something as a performance? Why is this distinction important? Give an example from the readings or contemporary society to explain your response.

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