Ways history has impacted social work

Throughout this module, we’ve discussed the various ways history has impacted social work. In this discussion, you should explore today’s society and look for echoes of these historical events and attitudes today. Choose at least two news sources to review for this discussion. These could include:
Major national newspapers (such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal or, in Canada, the Globe and Mail)
News radio (such as NPR)
Podcasts (such as Up First, The Daily, This Week with Sam Sanders, the Globalist, the Takeaway, or PRI’s the World)
Television news (such as local news, CBC, or BBC)
Specialized or long form publications (Politico, ProPublica, The Hill, The Atlantic, or Vox).
Choose at least one article/story from each source (for a total of two). For each article, make sure you do all of the following:
Briefly summarize the story
Describe one historical event or attitude that you see connecting to this story and describe the connection.
Any questions you have after reading the story.

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