Critically analyze your worldview, values, and cultural behavior within the frameworks of intercultural communication

In a 1000-1500-word essay, critically analyze your worldview, values, and cultural behaviour within the frameworks of intercultural communication we have covered in class. It is important that you should refer to the readings and course materials in your essay to make your claim and analysis stronger. Follow APA style for in-text citations and references. Attach the reference list to your paper.
IMPORTANT!!! I’m a Chinese, pls assume youre a Chinese when writing the essay.
In your essay, you are supposed to (but not limited to):
Show the connection between your culture, worldview, and the values you have (use Hofstede’s dimensions: Compare Countries-Hofstede)
Explain how your culture influences your communication style and politeness strategies you use.
Analyze your nonverbal communication.
Make sure you write an introduction with background information and a thesis statement, the main body to develop your thesis statement, and a conclusion with a summary of the main points.

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