Importance of policy within government

Policy Reaction

Purpose: The purpose of this
assignment is to address the importance of policy within government.
Specifically, policy serves as the arms and legs of the Texas constitution,
giving it the ability to transcend through generations.

Instructions: For this assignment,
you will analyze a current Texas. policy. Within this analysis, you will answer
a series of questions. Each question will serve as a guide to breaking down
each area of the policy. The following guidelines must be followed for
successful completion of this assignment.
-Times New Roman Font
-3 pages minimum
-Must include a header
-Must include 5 references (outlined in a
reference/works cited page)
Journal articles
additional references (newspaper articles, books, documentaries, etc.)

Format: Your paper should
include answers to the questions below. This is not an argumentative essay;
rather, it is a critical one in which you are to analyze the outcome of a
current Texas. policy.
Critical Questions:
What does the policy say?
What is the goal of the policy?
-Who is the author?
-What were the reasons
behind the creation of the (then) bill?
What does the policy mean for citizens?
What area of government manages this policy?
How has the policy fared in society?
it been successful?
-Has it been a failure?
-Has it been repealed?
-Has it been amended?

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