What is GDP

I want only 4 points and no complex words, really simple English, please with introduction

1- what is GDP 4 Explain in 4 lines GDP and economic growth Research and comment on the GDP / GDP per capita of the chosen economy over the last decade. Explain the main reasons for the economic growth/decline Describe the economic/business cycle. Describe the three sectors of the economy and their contribution to the GDP in china

2- talk about unemployment and why is going high or low in two lines. Research and comment on the levels of unemployment in the economy researched. Analyse how the Government can effectively reduce unemployment in the economy (either analyse the current policies used and/or make suggestions of policies than may be used) in China

3- talk about inflation 3 lines and balance of payment (BOP)3 LINES . Inflation and balance of payments Research and comment on the inflation levels and balance of payments situation of the economy being researched. List/explain causes of inflation and BoP(deficit/surplus). Explain the impacts of inflation and balance of payments (deficit/surpus)on economic agents in china

4- Economic Policy Discuss the use/effectiveness of economic policy (demand or supply side/ monetary or fiscal) to impact the economic cycle (either analyse the current policies used and/or make suggestions of policies that may be used)-Two policies are expected in china

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