What is the definition of Afrofuturism

Composition Project 1: Science Fiction in Black & White

In examining the words of the authors we’ve read so far, you will find that many parallel but, sometimes, contradict what the definition of Afrofuturism is. Using examples from, at least, one of the texts that we have covered thus far, define the concept in your own words. Does it just involve speculative fiction that features people of African descent? Are there “black themes” that need to be present? Do black people even need to be in it? This project contributes to the course goals of close reading, critical thinking, writing analytically, and integrating your ideas with those of others.
As you prepare and work through the process of composing this project, these guiding questions may help you:
1. What are the themes that we have read about so far?
2. Where do you hear the echoes of one (or more) of these themes in artifacts of popular culture?
3. Remember that in analyzing themes, we do not stop at the “what.”
a. How is the theme manifested in the text? In the artifact you’ve chosen?
b. Why do you think that theme is important to that cultural artifact?
c. Is it similar or different from the purpose it holds in the text?

Your Audience
Certainly, your audience for this project is you, your classmates, and me. But consider even more specifically the fan base of the cultural artifact you’ve chosen; consider, too, those who are not or would not be fans. Are you writing to them, as well? Having a clear understanding of your audience will help you to craft your analysis and your argument effectively.

Length, Form, Documentation
•Length: 1000 words
•Form: Academic essay

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