What is the Heart of God?

This essay is a a part of a symposium style of contributions to a larger group writing project. The entire project has contributors writing to an audience who generally believes there is a God. It is not intended for the religious elite, but to bring truth to the common man. The overall work would be broken into three (3) sections and the subject matter is understanding the Godhead: The Father, The Christ, & the Holy Sprit.

This project will be a part of the section on “The Father”. This section includes the following sub-sections: Sovereignty, Personality, Love, Wrath, Heart, Nature, and Grace.

This order is for the sub-section “Heart”.

The expectation is to create an essay that gives a theological view of the heart of God based on the Holy Bible. The essay should contain a clear and basic position on two main subjects: “What isthe Heart of God?” and “How God’s Heart Relaitonally Impacts Humanity”. You are encouraged to use at least 10 academic sources to provide context to this project. The main goal is simplicity.

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