Powerpoint slides with speaker notes on psychology topic

****For the speaker notes, please provide the notes in each slide set. Please ensure the speaker notes are 5-minutes in length so they can be utilized when assignment is submitted****

You will be completing one 5-minute video presentation project for this class. For this, you will finding a peer-reviewed journal article covering a study in any area of sensation & perception, and creating a presentation on that material. You will need to explain what the authors did, what they found, how it relates to other things we have learned in this course, and what gaps in our knowledge the study fills in. For your presentation, you may utilize any slideshow, animations, or other recordings that you like – however, all of the video content you submit as part of your presentation must be original. You may borrow images freely, but it is not permissible to borrow videos and include them as part of your presentation. Presentations should be as close to five minutes as possible.

Quality will be judged on the following:
• Extent to which the presenter understands the information being presented
o How well you understand something plays a big part in determining how well you are able to teach it to someone else. Make sure, in the first place, that you have a solid understanding of the topic you choose to present. Then, while researching the topic, and while creating your illustrations, think about the best way to teach this information to someone else. Think about what insights you needed to achieve in order to arrive at a complete and accurate understanding of the material, and make sure you help your audience arrive at those same insights.
• Clearness of the explanations, illustrations, and examples communicated in the presentation
o Think deeply about the explanations, illustrations, and examples you will provide. Make sure you understand what you are saying and that you are organizing the information in a way that is as ideal as possible to enable a novice to understand it. Practice your presentation and try out your explanations and illustrations on people you know who are unfamiliar with the topic.
• Relatedness of the topic chosen to sensation & perception
• Amount of effort that clearly went into the production of the presentation
o Some things that would result in a relatively low score are: reading verbatim from the text displayed on your slides, organizing information in a way that is haphazard or difficult to follow, using low quality illustrations or examples that are not particularly relevant to the topic, failure to practice the presentation or edit out issues in the video
o Some things that would result in a relatively high score are: illuminating interesting ways the topic ties in to other topics covered in this course, producing your own illustrations or graphics for your slides that do a very good job of illustrating a topic, having attractive, well organized slides, ensuring that slides contain the text that is most useful to the audience rather than a verbatim copy of what the presenter will say

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