Effective Storytelling in Starbucks’ ‘It Starts with You’ Commercial

Assignment Question Watch commercials (Starbucks: It Starts with You.), and select a commercial telling a story. In BB Discussion, create a new thread (Title: the commercial name). In your posting, write about the story briefly and how well the story was presented in BB based on Aaron Shepard article. Answer Introduction Commercials are a powerful … Read more

Unlocking the Power of Ecological Systems Theory in Modern Social Work Practice Essay

Assignment Question Each student will pick a theory discussed in this class (i.e., listed in the textbook), and write a paper about that theory using the below outline. The paper must use the textbook AND at least 10 peer-reviewed journal articles. The paper must be 10 pages in length, including the title page and reference … Read more

Unlocking the Power of COMPSTAT Essay

Assignment Question Write a one-page paper explaining the advantages and disadvantages of COMPSTAT. Answer Introduction COMPSTAT, short for “Computer Statistics,” is a law enforcement management and accountability system that has gained prominence in recent years. Originally developed in the early 1990s by the New York City Police Department (NYPD), COMPSTAT has since been adopted by … Read more

Unlocking B2B Market Potential: Strategies for Consumer-Focused Businesses

Assignment Question You will post a minimum of 250 words in the textbox for this journal assignment in response to the bulleted item(s) below. The journal is a private communication that is shared only with your instructor for grading purposes. You can access the textbox on the assignments tab for the journal Dropbox. Topic: The … Read more

Evaluating Auntie Peaches – A Natural Soap Store’s Viability in Jacksonville, Florida

Assignment Question At the end of Week 4, you will submit a substantial draft to your instructor for grading and feedback. Remember, the more you complete on this initial draft, the greater the input that the professor can provide and the less work you will need to do for the final draft. Your topic must … Read more

Tips and Tricks for Website Optimization Essay

Assignment Question the topic is the way people react to alien inversion and my professor want the quote. Answer Introduction The prospect of an alien invasion has long been a fascination in popular culture, inspiring countless books, movies, and television shows. While the likelihood of such an event remains speculative, the concept allows us to … Read more

Samsung’s High-Tech Marketing Mastery Essay

Assignment Question Demonstrate why Samsung deserves to be considered an example of excellent marketing practice (focusing on high technology marketing practice) Your report should address the following three areas Introduction (15%) – brief introduction to your choice of marketing excellence Discussion (60%) – your definition and discussion of marketing excellence and application to your subject … Read more

Unpacking the H&M ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle’ Ad

Assignment Question What were the ethical implications and consequences of H&M’s ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ ad featuring a black child, and how did the incident affect the company’s brand reputation and consumer behavior? Specifically, was the use of the term ‘monkey’ inappropriately racist towards the Afro-American community, and was it intentional or part of … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide for Evaluating New Products at Vanda-Laye Corporation

Assignment Question You are an economist for the Vanda-Laye Corporation, which produces and distributes outdoor cooking supplies. The company has come under new ownership and management and will be undergoing changes in its product lines and operating structure. As an economist, your responsibilities include examining the market factors that affect success or failure of a … Read more

Discuss the use of marketing research to be used to gather information on present or potential customers.

Assignment Question Q1. Discuss the use of marketing research to be used to gather information on present or potential customers. Which forms of marketing research would be best in gathering consumer information relating to the product/service? Outline a marketing research process, including data- gathering techniques (survey, observation, etc.) (Ch.4) Q2. Explain several external forces (political/legal, … Read more

Unlocking Sustainable Success Essay

Assignment Question The world has seen significant changes from 2022-2023, and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) requirements imposed upon corporations are at the center of the world’s focus right now. Examples of current ESG issues can include: racial injustice, climate change, healthcare access and inequalities in healthcare outcomes, gender income gap, food insecurity, or refugees. You … Read more

Demystifying the Minimum Wage in Papua New Guinea Essay

Assignment Question Introduction This assignment delvs into the complexicities surrounding the minimum wage in PNG. The analysis forcuses on the historical trends, determinants, government policies and their effectiveness and the resulting impact on the labor market. 1. Understansing minimum wage 2. Identifying gaps 3. Significance of issue 4. Thorough analysis 5. Government actions 6. Identifiying … Read more

Reflective Journal Prompt, aimed to help students reflect on thoughts, feelings and ideas on the ideas and concepts presented

Each Module will have a Reflective Journal Prompt, aimed to help students reflect on thoughts, feelings and ideas on the ideas and concepts presented. Please write a 2 page reflection on the following readings, using APA style. 1. Miley, K.K., O’Melia M. W, DeBois, B.L. (2017) Generalist social work practice: An empowering approach. (8th Ed.) … Read more

What strategies can businesses implement to optimize their website’s category structure for improved performance?

Assignment Question Week 3 · Brief introduction of the new product and new (U.S.) target you are proposing – just a paragraph or two. · Situational Analysis, including ONLY the following elements: o Internal Environment – Use the 4 headings from the textbook (p507-8) as your subheads. (OK to base this on information in the … Read more

Write a 500 word (minimum) paper describing and evaluating a case study in persuasion.

Assignment Question Write  a 500 word (minimum) paper describing and evaluating a case study in persuasion. The case study should be clearly described including target audience and results or intended results, and the case evaluated through analytical description identifying course concepts as they help to explain the impact of the persuasive message. APA, paper should … Read more

Write 1000 words minimum on the classic Theodore Levitt 1960 paper called Marketing Myopia. ‘Marketing myopia’ is a term coined by Theodore Levitt.

You will write 1000 words minimum on the classic Theodore Levitt 1960 paper called Marketing Myopia. ‘Marketing myopia’ is a term coined by Theodore Levitt. A business suffers from marketing myopia when a company views marketing strictly from the standpoint of selling a specific product rather than from the standpoint of fulfilling customer needs. This … Read more

Effective Content Marketing Strategies Essay

Effective Content Marketing Strategies Essay Introduction In the 1930s, the world of comedy underwent a significant transformation, one that film critic Cousins aptly dubbed the “feminization of comedy” . This unexpected shift saw women not only taking center stage but also becoming the subject and inspiration for comedic narratives. A prominent subgenre that emerged during … Read more

Navigating Challenges and Strategies in the Luxury Fashion Market Case Study

Introduction Coach, Inc., an iconic luxury brand, finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with an array of challenges, primarily a dwindling market share and mounting competition. This paper embarks on an exploration of the intricacies of Coach’s pricing strategies, the intricate interplay between pricing and brand perception, and a meticulous scrutiny of the efficacy of … Read more

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior Research Paper

Abstract This comprehensive research paper delves into the profound influence of digital marketing on consumer behavior in the contemporary business landscape. With the advent of the digital age, businesses have strategically shifted their marketing approaches to online platforms, necessitating a thorough examination of how these digital strategies impact consumer choices and decision-making processes. Drawing from … Read more

Crafting a Winning Digital Marketing Content Strategy Essay

Introduction The role of social workers in advocating for positive social change and addressing systemic inequalities is pivotal in promoting social justice and human rights. To assess the extent to which the Grand Canyon University (GCU) Master of Social Work (MSW) program supports students in developing advocacy skills, this essay will delve into the curriculum, … Read more

Crafting a Comprehensive and Sustainable Marketing Plan for Success in Real Estate

Introduction In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, the development and implementation of a robust marketing plan are critical for an organization’s success. A well-crafted marketing plan not only provides a roadmap for achieving strategic goals but also ensures that resources are utilized efficiently and effectively. In this article, we will delve into the essential components of … Read more

Mastering Effective Advertising: From Branding to Winning Campaigns Discussion Essay

Mastering Effective Advertising: From Branding to Winning Campaigns Discussion Essay Introduction Advertising is a powerful tool that shapes consumer perceptions, influences purchasing decisions, and establishes brand identities. To create compelling advertisements, it is crucial to understand the foundational aspects of branding, strategy, and creative thinking. This essay delves into the thought process behind ad creation, … Read more

Unveiling the Success of Nike’s Athletic Footwear Essay

Introduction  In the dynamic world of business, crafting an effective marketing strategy is essential for any brand to thrive and succeed. One prominent example of a brand that has mastered the art of marketing is Nike, a global leader in athletic footwear and apparel. This report delves into the marketing mix of Nike’s athletic footwear, … Read more

Culture’s Role in International Marketing Essay

Introduction Culture’s profound impact on consumer behaviors, preferences, and marketing strategies across the globe is evident in the readings from “Marketing 360: The Essentials” and the accompanying video (“Marketing 360,” Chapter 3; Chapter 4; “Marketing 360 Video”). These resources emphasize that culture’s pervasive influence extends to all aspects of marketing activities. This essay aims to … Read more

Cohort Segmentation in Healthcare Marketing: Strategies and Recommendations Essay

Introduction In the realm of healthcare management and marketing, the art of segmenting markets has emerged as a pivotal strategy to align business endeavors with the diverse needs and expectations of consumers. It is through market segmentation that organizations can decipher the characteristics of their target audience, the magnitude of the market, and the contours … Read more

In the twenty-first century, our entire experience is largely branded; complex systems of meaning shape social realities and people’s identities:That being the case, discuss the history of branding and a company whose brand you most value.

The Evolution of Branding in the Twenty-First Century: A Case Study of Apple Inc. In the dynamic landscape of the twenty-first century, the concept of branding has emerged as a pivotal force that shapes our social realities, influences consumer behavior, and constructs individual identities. Brands have evolved from mere symbols of product differentiation to powerful … Read more