What is “woke indoctrination” and the “anti-woke” / “anti-CRT” / “anti-1619” movements?

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Then write a 250-300 post that answers these questions in ESSAY format:
What is “woke indoctrination” and the “anti-woke” / “anti-CRT” / “anti-1619” movements?
Who is leading these movements? (meaning – what groups of politicians, institutions, etc).
What role does white supremacy, “white guiltLinks to an external site.”, “white fragilityLinks to an external site.” and the “crisis”Links to an external site.of masculinity/heterosexuality/cisgenderism have to do with these movements? (In other words, why might Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida – a white, cisgendered, heterosexual Christian male – be so afraid of schools teaching about LGBT+ issues and the history of American through the lens of critical race – so much so that he’s actually banning them from happening in public schools, universities, and even in some workplaces?) (HINT: think about fears around loss of power here!)
Have we seen evidence of these fears in history? (In other words, is this history repeating itself? What can we learn from history about the US today in terms of these “culture wars”? Give some examples!)
What does Crenshaw mean about race (and gender and sexuality) becoming “unspeakable” now?
Due to the way structures of power work, is it actually possible for oppressed groups to oppress the oppressor?! (Meaning – is reverse racism real? Can white people experience racism? (remember – racism is “systemic”; there is a difference between systemic racism and individual prejudice/bigotry) Can straight people experience heterosexism and homophobia? Can cisgender people experience transphobia and genderism?) Why or why not?
What are your thoughts on all this? How do you feel about the anti-critical race theory movement / anti-woke movement, and the efforts to remove African American history and LGBT+ conversations/rights/visibility from public education, and drag shows from society??!
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