Write a study on the topic of group poster presentations for risk reduction, health promotion, and health literacy.

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Write a study on the topic of group poster presentations for risk reduction, health promotion, and health literacy.

“Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health.”

Health literacy is not merely the same as literacy—the ability to read. Health literacy is the term for patients’ ability to understand and process medical instructions and make decisions about their health.

Students will prepare and present an overview of a chosen unique population’s (child, adolescent, elderly) unique health promotion needs. Feel free to use the population of your preferences.

Purpose of the Poster Presentation

-To develop student BSN nurse’s communication skills for a 4th-grade literacy level.
-To empower the public to find, understand, evaluate, communicate, and use health information effectively.
-To increase awareness of healthcare literacy, improve outcomes of patients, and increase the accessibility of resources to health care providers and patients.

Tips for selecting a health promotion topic for this course:

1.Select a topic that is interesting to you relating to the course.
2.Consult course textbook for ideas.
3.Relate the topic to course content.
4.A focused topic that will focus on the CDC National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP)
5.Follow the steps and requirements for the poster presentation.
6.When in doubt, ask your professor for clarification.

Poster Directions

1. Please see the following examples.
Youth-targeted health education promotional posters are available

2.Creating a compelling poster

3.The poster or materials should:

-Demonstrate an understanding of health promotion strategy.
-The topic should be directed as a response to a patient concern.
-The format of the poster must show creativity and snapshot innovation.
– Patient-oriented evidence that matters should be used to engage the audience.
-Presentation must demonstrate that participants can present patient material at the 4th-grade level.

4.Instructions for creating and submitting a PowerPoint Presentation with Narration

PC Users:

-Create a presentation in PowerPoint.
-.Use these instructions links to an external site. to record narration in PowerPoint.
-.Once you reach the “Preview the recorded slide show” step, export from PowerPoint to .mp4 using these instructions.Links to an external site.
-.Once the .mp4 video is created, upload the file to the appropriate assignment in Canvas, using these instructions links to an external site..


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