What are the implications of “eating time” for Mike, the firm, and others involved?

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Please review the ethics scenario in the file below. In this mini-case you will read about a Willis and Adams staff auditor who is confronted with an ethical challenge. You will then evaluate what he should do, and what you would do in a similar situation. ETHICS INFORMATION – WEEK 8.docx Download ETHICS INFORMATION – WEEK 8.docx After reviewing the scenario, please answer the following questions in a Word document and submit to your instructor for review. Please include the questions in your submission, a title page and any required references. List at least three alternatives available to Mike? What are the pros or potential upside of each alternative you listed above? What are the cons or potential downside of each alternative? What are the implications of “eating time” for Mike, the firm, and others involved? Alternatively, what are the implications if Mike decides not to follow Alex’s advice and record the accurate time spent on the cash audit? In your opinion, which of Mike’s alternative courses of action would provide the best outcome and why? How would you handle the ethical issues involved in this situation? The case study submission should be approximately 2-3 pages in length and APA formatting should be followed to include a title page, introduction, body, conclusion and reference page. In-text citations should be utilized to lend credibility to your findings

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