What are the psychological correlates of organisational deviance?

As discussed in tutorials, the topic for this semester’s research project is: What are the psychological correlates of organisational deviance? Working together as a cohort, we have brainstormed a range of psychological variables that could theoretically be linked to organisational deviance. Students will recruit participants for the survey by distributing it online (e.g., through social media, personal networks, etc). With the data we obtain, we will test the hypothesized relationships. Note that you are not asked to analyse the data yourself – the findings of the study will be shared with you during tutorials. For the Research Report, you need to choose TWO variables and write up a research report investigating how the two variables are associated with organisational deviance. This assignment will be intensive and requires continuous work throughout the semester. The assignment will be systematically covered during tutorials, and all materials will be made available to you as we progress through the semester. Please attend tutorials and refer to tutorial slides that are uploaded weekly for guidance on the assignment. Tutors will be available to answer questions and guide you with the assignment during tutorial sessions.

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