Describe the most important steps you could take to improve your memory.

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The topic of metamemory has been widely discussed for a number of years, but is only briefly touched upon in the text. Your task in this exercise is to write an essay of at least 800 words directed to the other people in this class on the nature of metamemory as it applies to you. In your essay, touch upon at least the following points, and you may well find other things that interest you regarding this topic that you wish to present in addition. What does the term metamemory mean? How do researchers go about assessing metamemory? Do a metamemory assessment of yourself and report your conclusions. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of your own memory? Based upon your self-assessment described above and using the knowledge of memory that you have acquired after finishing the book’s several chapters on memory, describe the most important steps you could take to improve your memory. Summarize how you think the memory improvement program described above would, if fully implemented, affect various aspects of your life. Several Web sites that you might find relevant to this exercise may be found at the URLs shown below. Brief video on metacognition: *Also provide a plagiarism report* *This must be at least 800-1000 words

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