Write a four to eight-paragraph thesis-centered essay based primarily on Othello.

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Using Othello as your primary source, write a four to eight-paragraph thesis-centered essay based on the prompt given. Use MLA format (original title, introduction, 2-4 body paragraphs, conclusion). You do not need a heading. You do not need headers. Skip a line to indicate a new paragraph. Do not worry about indentation. Everyone needs a full work cited entry (with hypertext links for the URL if using an online source of the play). QUESTION 1 “A hero is nothing but a sandwich,” or is it? We have to recognize various types of heroes. According to Greek philosopher Aristotle, tragic heroes have certain traits that distinguish them from ordinary heroes. These traits consist of having nobleness, having a tragic/fatal flaw, recognizing too late the nature of the flaw (self-awareness), suffering a reversal of fortune, and suffering a fate worse than what the character deserved. With Aristotle’s theory in mind, choose one character from the play Othello and develop a thesis that argues whether that character is a tragic hero or not and why. Make sure that you do the following: 1 State your thesis clearly in the introduction. 2 Use at least two direct quotations from the play cited in MLA format in the body of your response to support your position. 3 Write the essay in MLA format, but omit the heading and headers 4 Do not forget the work cited entry (which you may put first if that is easier for you). 5 Proofread your response before submission. You may use a dictionary, the text, your Cornell notes, a dictionary, and any other notes you have taken. You may not use Cliff Notes or any other literature study guides. You have 120 minutes.

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