What is the role and importance of renewable energies in the Indian economy?

The aim of
this paper is to bring the readers attention towards the current trends in the
renewable energy industry and how this is impacting the economy of India. Due
to the CO2 emissions regulations in the world, the focus is shifting towards
renewable energy as a source of power. India is one of the countries that is
the forefront of adapting to this change, shifting from traditional to
green economy. This will have major impacts on labour, capital, financial and
other markets, in both positive and negative ways.

Research questions:
What is the
role and importance of renewable energies in the Indian economy?
What are
the reasons for the current development of the renewable industry in India?
What is the
impact of the renewable industry on the Indian economy?

quality academic sources like past academic papers, peer-reviewed articles,
online articles, and webpages will be analysed and researched in order to
successfully complete a systematic literature review. These sources will be
gathered from platforms such as emerald insight and EBSCOhost. The findings will
provide the author with the necessary insight and knowledge needed to answer
the research questions.

Qualitative research: Regression Analysis

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