Autobiographical memoir based on a personal experience that had a profound effect on your worldview or your behavior

Complete four pages double-spaced pages of an autobiographical memoir based on a personal experience that had a profound effect on your worldview or your behavior. The essay must contain dialogue and should point to a discernible moral or theme. Epiphanies are welcome.
Rough Draft Requirements:
MLA/APA format
3-4 double-spaced pages
Dialogue & well-developed hook
Memoir should be Titled ‘My Mothers Love”

I need to write a memoir about an experience that has changed my life.
I was raised by a single mother who had NO help. Growing up I was jealous of kids who had more than me, or a mother who was more present. As i got older I learned to appreciate everything my mother did and what she sacrificed to give me the best life she could. I realized that I had everything I needed even though we didnt have much money. I went to the beach, attended camps, played sports. Always going on adventures.
A moment that helped shaped this was finally learning about my mothers upbringing and the trauma she endure. She was raised by an abusive mother who was an alcoholic and had schitzophrenia. She showed my mothers siblings love but not my mom. Learning this helped me understand my mother more and I realized this did the best with the tools she was given even though she didn’t have a good role model.

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