Principles of effective verbal messages

For this assignment, you will create a slide presentation about the principles of effective verbal messages. This assignment will help solidify your understanding of effective verbal communication.
Review the rubric for PowerPoint Presentations and the principles of effective verbal messages in your textbook and in the learning activities for this module.
Pick a television series or movie. You are designing a PowerPoint presentation to help the characters with their verbal messages.
Create a presentation on the topic of the principles of effective verbal messages and choose three to five concepts to explain to this audience of characters in order to help them. Highlight the main points about how individuals can communicate more effectively when they’re using verbal messages. Topics may include message meanings, denotative and connotative messages, abstraction, politeness, ethics, assertiveness, and the like.
Include a title slide, introduction slide, 3-5 slides with key points and examples, conclusion slide, and references slide. Including your title slide, introduction slide, “body” slides, conclusion slide, and references slide, your presentation should be 7-9 slides.
The presentation should be engaging and informative.
Remember that PowerPoint is available, for free, through your Office 365 Account.
If for any reason you choose not to create a PowerPoint, you can write a two-three page paper, not including the title page and references page, about three-five points related to the topics listed above. Include an introduction paragraph, conclusion paragraph, and cited support.
Assignment Submission:
The use of outside resources is required, and all submissions must be cited and written in current APA format. Please see this guide for assistance with APA in PowerPoint.

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