Last Day of Freedom Documentary

Read and follow all directions not other sources. only these 2 documentaries!!!!

Step 1

Watch Last Day of Freedom and take notes.

Step 2

Watch The Queen of Basketball and take notes.

Step 3

Answer the following questions

Identify and explain the mode of storytelling for each assigned documentary using specific examples from the film. Write at least one paragraph for each film.
What scene stood out to you as powerful and captured the essence of the film? Discuss the scene for each film in at least one paragraph.
Select one of the two films and write in a paragraph if the film works better as a documentary or a narrative short film. Provide at least two significant reasons for your answer.

Create a Word document (doc) and use the MLA format style formatLinks to an external site.
If using other sources to support your work cite appropriately.
Write at least two (2) double-spaced pages and no more than three (3) pages.
Submit by text entry, word doc, or pdf. No links, downloads, or other types of files are accepted.
Check your work before submitting it.

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