Compare and contrast The Natural by Bernard Malamud with the play “Fences” by August Wilson

Work of literary analysis that asks you to compare and contrast The Natural by Bernard Malamud with the play “Fences” by August Wilson
The essay will begin with an introductory paragraph that offers some information about The Natural. The introductory paragraph will end with a thesis statement that contains a claim about the work.
One way to create an arguable claim is to say that one work is more effective than another, and then provide a roadmap that offers a hint of why you believe this to be true. For instance: The Natural by Bernard Malamud is a more effective work than Fences by August Wilson because its use of mythological allusions adds depth to the story.
Alternatively, you might say: The Natural by Bernard Malamud and Fences by August Wilson are equally effective works of literature, even though they come from different genres because they both provide deep insight into the character of their protagonist.
Some ideas to think about include:
What is The Natural about besides baseball?
How does Malamud use symbolism to help us to understand the underlying themes of the work?
How do the real events that Malamud uses as source material add to the depth of the text?
The essay will be written in the third person and will be presented in MLA format. You should use at least five quotes from the works as evidence to support your thesis.

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