A Fundamental Threat to the American Dream

• Both summarize and critique an article found in Module I. You may choose either Modern
Eamily.* “A Moral Almosphere.” or A Fundamental Threat to the American Dream.” You should scan through each reading before deciding which one you want to use for your essay.
• The summary shauld be one paragraph long – approximately 6 sentences, after your introduction paragraph Be sure to clearly state the purpose of the article the main point and the important supporting points Remember, a summary does not make any judgement of the original, so this is nof the place to include evaluation of what was sald or how it was sald
• The critique should comprise the remainder of the body section of your essay Evaluate whether or not your chosen article is written weil based on academic standards for both mechanics and content [Refer to your list from pg. 12 in fist Things fist as a reminder of what elemelts fall Into each category.| Keep in mind that the author may have done some things well and other things not well – your critique does not need to be elther all bad or all good.
• Use specific examples from the article in support or demonstration of your point You are required to use one line. (not necessarily one sentence] of quote, and you are not allowed to use more than that You should also use another reference to the articie that you can cile.
use more than that. You should also use another reference to the article that you can cite.
Do not use first person in your essay. Do not use the words “I*. “me,” “my,” or “myself.” For example, you should not have a sentence in your critique that states “I really liked this article,” or “This article was Interesting to me.”
nclude the name of the author, itle of the article, and source formation in the Introduction of our essay.
Use your own words to repeat what the author wrote, in the same order that the author used, for the summary
Determine the intended audience and the author’s goal/purpose in writing the article
Choose 3 or so elements from the Mechanics/Content list to do your critique on and then make each one its own paragraph
• Include any of your own opinions or ideas about the topic – this is
NOT a “reaction” essay
• Use more than two lines of quote
• Include Information from any other source
• Intersperse summary or critique throughout the article – put all your summary together into one paragraph and all of your critique together into 3 or so paragraphs.
o Use whatever style of in-text citations you are already familiar with. If you are not familiar with in text-citations, refer to pages 86-87 and 90 in First Things First for help.
• Use a proper Introduction, Body, and Conclusion essay structure. An Introduction paragraph should be about 4-5 sentences long, as should be the Conclusion. Everything In between is the Body. You can estimate how much you need to write about each of your maln points by dividing the Body by however many points you need to make.
• You do not need to include a Works Cited or Reference page with this essay.
However, remember that you do need to submit your Prep Work and your Rough Draft, so make sure to do an Outline before you begin writing. (If you need a refresher on outlines, check out page 26-29 in First Things First.)
750 words – about 2 pages
Use one line of direct quote (no more)
Formatting in MLA format
Your name, the class (ENG100), the essay (Essay One), the date, and the word count in the top left hand corner.
• Page numbers in the bottom right hand corner
• 1 inch margins
• Times New Roman font, size 12
• Double space the entire essay

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