Comparing and contrasting three different ethical theories

Now that you have learned about competing ethical theories, and have gained a better understanding of the biblical foundations for various views on Christian ethics, write a thread that compares and contrasts three different ethical theories presented in your reading, and then argue for which one of the three listed you believe to be the most objectively compelling ethical system. Don’t view this as a way to say which one most other people would choose, but rather which one do you believe is true and good. You may choose any metaethical theory covered in Ken Magnuson’s Christian Ethics book, except Ethical Relativism, which is not really an metaethical system at all. Seek to answer the following questions for each of the three ethical systems reviewed:
How does the system define “the good” or ethically right?”
How does the system situationally calculate a right ethical decision?
What are a few perceived strengths and weaknesses of the ethical theory?
Once you present the three ethical system, then make your argument in a last paragraph for which one you personally believe is the most compelling. Be sure to carefully define your terms, articulate the strengths and weaknesses of each theory, and defend your position. You are expected to support your position with rational arguments, fitting examples, and expert sources. At least one citation must come from one of your textbooks. Any quotes or information used from sources other than yourself must be cited using footnotes in current Turabian format. Although quotations count towards your word count requirements, you will receive a lower grade if your word count is mostly filled with quotations.
The student will complete 2 sets of Discussion Threads & Reply Threads in this course. The student will post one thread of 550–650 (not including footnotes) words. For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 1 scholarly citation in Turabian format. Biblical references are highly encouraged but will not count as an academic source. Acceptable sources include the course textbooks, academic library books found in Liberty’s online library, peer-reviewed journal articles, and similar publications. Sources such as Wikipedia, religious institution websites, Youtube videos, and online dictionaries do not count as academic sources and should not be used. A bibliography, title page, and contents page do not count towards word count and are not appropriate for these discussion assignments.

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