What is meant by an “attitude of inquiry”?

Create a Microsoft Word document and answer the following questions based on this module’s readings. Your response should be a minimum of 3–5 sentences in length, original (in your own words), and use professional writing.
What is meant by an “attitude of inquiry”?
Where do questions about nursing practice come from?
What is the purpose of asking questions in a specific format before proceeding with the evidence-based practice process?
What do PICO and PICo represent?
Submission and Assessment Guidelines
Submit your Microsoft Word document with the questions clearly listed and answered.
Each response should be a minimum of 3–5 sentences, clear, concise, and use correct grammar. All of the questions MUST be answered in your document.
This activity will be submitted via Turnitin.
Review the Learning Activity Rubric for grading criteria. For instructions on how to view this rubric, review Viewing Rubrics in Canvas on Turnitin Assignments Download Viewing Rubrics in Canvas on Turnitin Assignments.
This activity is worth 100 points.

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