Explain and describe deep about Single member District system (SMD) and Proportional Representation Electoral System (PR)

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Pol 166

Summary on US Political Parties 250 words (Pol166)


Don’t do summary on the pdf, just read and understand what’s in it and add to the summary. It’s not a summary of the PDF/reading, this is a General summary from the political science view on the United States Political Parties
I gave a brief overview of what the lecturer needs to be in the summary or what to talk about.So you can elaborate more on it according to political science context not just random! Use what you understand from the pdf and add on to it. But don’t mention the pdf as reference in the summary.

The summary is not about the pdf! But you can add things from it to the summary!. Political science context.

Don’t give no personal opinion!

Don’t take no stance or view your opinion in this summary!

These are the followings to talk about.

The pdf will work. I will also send my notes as pdf to you to check it out.

1. Talk about What make the political parties?( The party as Organizations, The Infrastructure of the party, Helps coordinate party activities, Identify future candidates, campaigning, Canvassing and Fundraising)

2. Party-in-Government
. Members of the party elected to government positions
. Party caucuses/Conferences to discuss party- related issues
. Electing House/Senate leaders for each party as well as the “Whips”
. Deciding who they will nominate to committees in the House and Senate

3. The party-in-the Electorate
. Party Identification
. Registration to a political party
. Ability to shape the party(through voting especially primaries)

Next face: talk about – Is only Democrats and Republicans?
. Talk about the Small parties
. Libertarians: President Race(2016) 4,489341 votes(3.28%)

Next face: compare and contrast other countries democracies (Germany)

Next face: Talk about Why do we have two parties

Next face: talk about the two Mechanisms at play which are the Elite Bargaining and Strategic Voting (explain)

Next face: explain and describe deep about Single member District system (SMD) and Proportional Representation Electoral System (PR)
. Also give their pros and cons of each system. (SMD & PR)

Next face: Explain and describe the Runoff Elections
And describe the Ranked choice

No big term words just simple words! No plagiarism!
Due the 3rd April 6pm

Use my notes and the article to understand what the reading is about before starting the assignment

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