Discuss The Evolution of Printmaking and Its effects on today Political Campaigns.

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Term Paper of History of Art
and its role on Modern Politics
Term paper (40%) – due date: April 4
As advanced students, you are free to choose a topic of your own, as long as it is in direct relation to the theme of the course and that it conforms to the requirements described below. Possible topics may include but are certainly not limited to:
– study of a particular artist and his/her relation to the market
– study of a particular print (or group of prints) and its (their) relation to political or social issues
– prints and visual culture
– satire and political cartoons
– press illustration
– prints and propaganda
– professional relationship between painters and engravers
– art consumption, expanding publics and image making
– interaction between paintings and prints (drawing → painting → print)
– collecting practices (in a country or city, at any given time)
– the notion of original and printed reproductions
– the role of prints in the economy of painting
 Be creative in your choice and rigorous in your demonstration!

Students must base their essay on a minimum of three different scholarly sources, i.e. articles from scientific journals, exhibition catalogues and books published by any reputable publishing house. Wikipedia and other generalist sources of information (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) should only serve as a point of entry to any given topic. If a student chooses an Internet resource, it must first receive the
approval of the instructor.
 Material presentation of your research: the length of your essay should range between 2500-3500 words
(10-12 pages, double-spaced), and must comply with the basics of scholarly research, i.e. introduction,
demonstration, conclusion, footnotes or endnotes, and bibliography.

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