Describe the results and your observations about the dataset in a report.

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Assignment: Calculating Mean, Median, and Spread
Unit Outcomes addressed in this assignment:
• Calculate mean, median, and standard deviation of a dataset.
• Construct a box-whisker plot using collected data.
• Describe a dataset using summary statistics.
Course Outcome addressed in this assignment:
HS345-1: Describe a dataset using descriiptive statistics.
Assignment Directions:
In the data collection discussion from Unit 1, collect the data that students provided for Variable A into an Excel® file. (You do not need the data for the other variables at this time.)
For this assignment, assume the data represent body weight in pounds for a population of Hispanic men. Using Excel software, produce descriiptive statistics as introduced in the previous unit, and construct a box-whisker plot to help visualize the data distribution. Describe the results and your observations about the dataset in a report.
• Write at least 250 words and include a heading with your name, date, assignment, and course.
• Descriiptive statistics must include mean, median, and standard deviation and the results must be clearly stated.
• Box-whisker plot computer generated but should be clearly labeled, relatively accurate for the data, and large enough to interpret.
• Any references should come from credible sources and use APA documentation.
• Include a highly developed viewpoint that is free from plagiarism.
• Organize your paper with subheadings.
• Proofread to be free of grammar and spelling errors.

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