Write a thoughtful research paper on the subject of “What are the three types of digital media?”

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The Short Analysis #1 will be a short critique of a given project, website, archive, etc (below) integrating concepts and models from our DHSS theoretical readings (below). Whichever digital project, archive, game, experience, etc, you choose, you MUST provide screen caps of the features, details, components, you discuss.

3 pages of text analysis. The number of screen caps / images is up to you. APA Citation Style required. Title your screen caps and images so what each is is clear. Each title should have key citation information.
Write a thoughtful research paper on the subject of “What are the three types of digital media?”
Choose a project from one of the many included in class discussion and provide an analysis with reference to one of the following models, set of characteristics, components, functions, or design methodologies. Your analysis should discuss aspects of design (formal components or processes) and the effects (what you do & what you feel) resulting from the design for you as the user / interactor. You can use 1st person as that makes sense to refer to YOUR experience navigating X.

in Drucker’s model: how might X project illustrate what Drucker defines as the three components of digital / computational projects “materials, processing, presentation”?
in the Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0’s criteria: how might X project illustrate “qualitative, interpretive, experiential, emotive, generative” characteristics and practices?
in Murray’s model: how might X project illustrate what Murray defines as the shift from “additive to expressive” characteristics and practices?
in our ongoing criteria discussed in class – how might X project illustrate a distinctive or a very familiar approach to working with data, design, medium/media user experience, the organization of content, and consider any limitations that you encounter.
Consider the following questions, starting with the landing page:

How do you know what to do / how to navigate the webpage or project?

Are the affordances clear or do you have to explore?

How does the design inform your understanding of the content (medium and message)?

How is the content curated? organized? tagged? traversed?

Is X project clear in its data attribution and provenance? Are there privacy concerns? Would you challenge the claims of X project?

What works well and what doesn’t work well? How might you redesign aspects of X? Is X successful in its explicit or inferred goals?

Minimum 2 secondary sources required. All digital projects, primary and secondary sources need citations.

The critical readings discussed to date are:

Drucker, Presner, et al (2008),“The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0” (PDF)

Drucker (2021), “Digital Humanities Overview” (Ch.1, 1-18) (PDF)

Introduction to McLuhan: excerpts – ‘The Medium is the Message’ (PDF)

Hayles (2012) “How We Think: Transforming Power and Digital Technologies” (PDF)

McPherson, “Introduction: Media Studies and the Digital Humanities” (PDF)

Bush (1945), “As We May Think” (PDF)

McLuhan (1966), “The Invisible Environment” (PDF)

Projects explored to date are: AI. A Love Story. (

The Shelley-Godwin Archive
to an external site.

Information is beautiful – to an external site.

Manovich, Selfie CityLinks to an external site.

Google Ngram Viewer

Wiesenbaum’s Eliza Chatbot, Eliza

InflectionAI’s Pi.Ai

Afternoon: A StoryLinks to an external site.

Secret GardenLinks to an external site.

Lilli Elbe Digital ArchiveLinks to an external site.

3 pages of text analysis. The number of screen caps / images is up to you. APA Citation Style required.


Academic expectations regarding citations for a 3rd-year university course:

All course work submitted should conform to APA Style, including in-text citations WITH page numbers for all references with the accepted exception for the broad premise of a given work. Submissions without in-text citations, properly formatted, with page numbers for the efficient retrieval of the source material will be graded 0%. All assignments require an accurate Works Cited with correct, relevant entries. If entries are spurious, concocted, irrelevant or are missing, the grade given will be 0%.
I will provide examples of the format required. Work that fails to meet academic standards may result in an Academic Integrity Review and a possible Formal Report to the Academic Integrity Office. There will be no ‘redo’ opportunity. The grade will remain 0%.

Make sure to consult the APA website exclusively.

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