Describe the seven steps in the selection process in your research paper.

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Recruiting, Selection & Staffing Final Project (Final Paper and PowerPoint Presentation)
You will be required to turn in a 3-4 page paper and PowerPoint presentation.
Your paper should include at least three references, one from textbook and two from outside sources (which must be cited in the paper) dated from 2005 to present.
Describe the seven steps in the selection process in your research paper.The paper will develop and design a decision-making process to determine which applicant receives a position supported by legal and ethical considerations. The paper will address the external and internal recruitment processes while addressing the five staffing models and the planning process for forecasting future employment needs. Students should review the textbook for the course and the PowerPoint lectures to determine their topic. Choose something interesting and valuable, but be sure that it relates specifically to recruitment, selection, and staffing.
Your paper should contain the following:
Your name
An introduction
3-4 pages (double-spaced, APA font) of cited research in 7th Edition APA format. You should access the online library and use only articles that you find there.
A conclusion
References in 7th Edition APA format (Including at least three references (which must be cited in the paper) dated from 2004 to present)

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